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W&L Authors on display

The following authors are currently on display in the Leyburn library.

Dickovick, James T. (Politics), 2015, Current debates in comparative politics.  

Eastwood, Jonathan R. (Sociology and Anthropology), 2015, Current debates in comparative politics.  

Bai, Ge (Accounting), 2014, Accounting performance and capacity investment decisions: Evidence from California hospitals, Decision Sciences, 45:2  WebBridge

Conner, Marc (English), 2014, Leaving the Territory: Ralph Ellison's Backward Glance,

Fruchtman Hannah, Diane S. (Religion), 2014, Modeling a martyrial worldview: Prudentius' pedagogical Ekphrasis and Christianization, Journal of Late Antiquity, 7:1  WebBridge

Goldsmith, Arthur H. (Economics), 2014, Scientific, economic, regulatory, and ethical challenges of bringing science-based pediatric nutrition products to the U.S. market and ensuring their availability for patients, Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, 38:6  WebBridge

Green, Leah (English), 2014, Once home, Ecotone, 10:1  WebBridge

Green, Leah (English), 2014, Venison, Ecotone, 10:1  WebBridge

Horowitz, Sarah (History), 2014, Luxe, amour et transactions: La culture des bijoux sous l'Ancien Régime, Sociétés & Représentations, :38  WebBridge

Hurd, Lawrence E. (Biology), 2014, Fish diversity and species composition in small-scale artificial reefs in Amazonian floodplain lakes: Refugia for rare species?, Ecological Engineering, 67:  WebBridge

Johnson, Dan R. (Psychology), 2014, Response Bias Toward Fearful Stimuli Increases as Stimulus Noise Increases, Psi Chi Journal of Psychological Research, 19:1  WebBridge

Marsh, David M. (Biology), 2014, Citizen science reveals widespread negative effects of roads on amphibian distributions, Biological Conservation, 180:0  WebBridge

Mayock, Ellen (Romance Languages), 2014, Forging a rewarding career in the humanities: Advice for academics,

Myers, Barton A. (History), 2014, Rebels against the Confederacy: North Carolina's unionists.   WebBridge

Parker, M. Rockwell (Biology), 2014, A novel mechanism regulating a sexual signal: The testosterone-based inhibition of female sex pheromone expression in garter snakes, Hormones and behavior, 66:3  WebBridge

Smith, Rodney T. (English), 2014, In the Night Orchard: New and Selected Poems.   WebBridge

Strong, Robert A. (Politics), 2014, Character and Consequence: The John Tower Confirmation Battle,

Youngman, Paul A. (German and Russian), 2014, A nanochemist and a nanohumanist take a walk through the German Museum: An analysis of the popularization of nanoscience and technology in germany, Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies, 12:1  WebBridge