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America And Enlightenment Constitutionalism  (Info)

American Constitution -- A Documentary Record  (Info)

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Colonial Origins Of The American Constitution  (Info)

Colonial Origins Of The American Constitution: A Documentary History  (Info)

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Effect Of Jurors' Race On Their Response To Scientific Evidence  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Constitutional Amendments, Proposed Amendments, And Amending Issues, 1789-2010  (Info)

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Encyclopedia Of Genocide And Crimes Against Humanity  (Info)

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Encyclopedia Of The American Constitution  (Info)

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Juvenile Crime And Justice  (Info)

Law And Religion In The 21st Century: Relations Between States And Religious Communities  (Info)

Laws That Shaped America: Fifteen Acts Of Congress And Their Lasting Impact  (Info)

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Max Planck Encyclopedia Of Public International Law  (Info)

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Religion And Law : An Introduction  (Info)

Rights Of Women: The Authoritative ACLU Guide To Women's Rights  (Info)

Steps To The Supreme Court: A Guided Tour Of The American Legal System  (Info)

Supreme Court Compendium:Data, Decisions, And Developments  (Info)

Supreme Court Yearbook  (Info)

Think Tanks, Public Policy Groups, And Advocacy Groups  (Info)

Tracking Current Federal Legislation And Regulations: A Guide To Basic Sources  (Info)

U.S. Constitution A To Z  (Info)

U.S. Supreme Court : A Very Short Introduction  (Info)

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