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Annual Review Of Environment And Resources  (Info)

Annual Review Of Political Science  (Info)

Annual Review Of Psychology  (Info)

Google Search -- Think Tanks And Public Policy Groups  (Info)

National Bureau Of Economic Research (NBER) Working Papers  (Info)

P.A.I.S. (Public Affairs Information Service) International  (Info)

Philosopher's Index  (Info)

Sociological Abstracts  (Info)

Women In Politics  (Info)

21st Century Political Science: A Reference Handbook  (Info)

Cambridge Dictionary Of Statistics  (Info)

Concise Oxford Dictionary Of Politics  (Info)

Dictionary Of Statistics  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Philosophy (Macmillan)  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Political Communication  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Political Science  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Social Measurement  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Social Theory  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Sociology  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Survey Research Methods  (Info)

Fifty Major Political Thinkers  (Info)

International Encyclopedia Of The Social Sciences  (Info)

Internship Resources At W&L  (Info)

Oxford Handbook Of Civil Society  (Info)

Palgrave Macmillan Dictionary Of Political Thought  (Info)

Political And Civic Leadership: A Reference Handbook  (Info)

Politics: The Basics  (Info)

Sage Handbook Of Political Communication  (Info)

Statistics Translated : A Step-by-Step Guide To Analyzing And Interpreting Data  (Info)

Strategic Survey  (Info)

Think Tanks, Public Policy Groups, And Advocacy Groups  (Info)

Understanding Statistics In The Behavioral Sciences  (Info)

Webster's New World Robert's Rules Of Order: Simplified And Applied  (Info)

World Fascism: A Historical Encyclopedia  (Info)

American Political Science Association  (Info)

European Consortium For Political Research  (Info)

Journals Ranked By Impact: Political Science  (Info)

New For Politics  (Info)

Politics Periodicals In Leyburn Library  (Info)

Web Pages That Perform Statistical Calculations  (Info)