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Country Profiles
This is the W&L University Library's collection of respected resources which provide overviews of each country in the world, including political issues, history, government, economic issues and polici...

Alsos Digital Library Of Nuclear Issues  (Info)

American Bibliography Of Slavic And East European Studies (ABSEES)  (Info)

Annual Review Of Political Science  (Info)

Congressional Research Service  (Info)

Diplomacy Monitor  (Info)

Eurozine  (Info)

Google Search -- International Governmental Organizations  (Info)

Google Search -- Think Tanks And Public Policy Groups  (Info)

P.A.I.S. (Public Affairs Information Service) International  (Info)

Sociological Abstracts  (Info)

Women In Politics  (Info)

21st Century Political Science: A Reference Handbook  (Info)

African Biographical Dictionary  (Info)

African Studies Companion Online  (Info)

Ashgate Research Companion To Political Violence  (Info)

Atlas Of Middle Eastern Affairs  (Info)

Biographical Encyclopedia Of The Modern Middle East And North Africa  (Info)

Blackwell Companion To Contemporary Islamic Thought  (Info)

British Political Facts  (Info)

Cambridge History Of American Foreign Relations   (Info)

Careers In International Affairs  (Info)

Chiefs Of State And Cabinet Members Of Foreign Governments  (Info)

China Vitae  (Info)

Companion To American Foreign Relations  (Info)

Competitive Authoritarianism; Hybrid Regimes After The Cold War  (Info)

Concise Encyclopedia Of The United Nations  (Info)

Concise Oxford Dictionary Of Politics  (Info)

Constitutions Of The World  (Info)

Country Profiles  (Info)

Dictionary Of Contemporary World History   (Info)

Dictionary Of Genocide  (Info)

Dictionary Of Political Biography  (Info)

Dictionary Of The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict  (Info)

Eastern Europe: An Introduction To The People, Lands, And Culture  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of American Foreign Policy  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Diasporas  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of European Migration And Minorities  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Genocide And Crimes Against Humanity  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Human Rights  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Modern Asia  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Modern Europe: Europe Since 1914  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Political Science  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Terrorism  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Violence, Peace, And Conflict  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of World Poverty  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of The Global Economy, Volume I  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of The Global Economy, Volume II  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of The Modern Middle East And North Africa  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of The Palestinians  (Info)

European Union Explained  (Info)

Fifty Key Thinkers In International Relations  (Info)

Foreign Relations Of The United States  (Info)

Guide To U.S. Foreign Policy: A Diplomatic History  (Info)

Handbook Of European Societies  (Info)

Handbook Of International Law  (Info)

Handbook Of International Relations  (Info)

Handbook Of International Rivalries: 1494-2010  (Info)

Handbook Of National Legislatures: A Global Survey  (Info)

Handbook Of Nuclear Proliferation  (Info)

Historical Dictionary Of Civil Wars In Africa  (Info)

Historical Dictionary Of International Organizations  (Info)

Historical Dictionary Of Nuclear, Biological And Chemical Warfare  (Info)

Historical Dictionary Of Pakistan  (Info)

Historical Dictionary Of The Arab-Israeli Conflict  (Info)

Historical Dictionary Of The United Nations  (Info)

Human Rights And Press Freedoms   (Info)

Identity And Participation In Culturally Diverse Societies  (Info)

Immigration And Asylum: From 1900 To The Present  (Info)

International Encyclopedia Of Communication  (Info)

International Encyclopedia Of Public Health  (Info)

International Relations: The Key Concepts  (Info)

Internship Resources At W&L  (Info)

Key Concepts In International Relations  (Info)

Max Planck Encyclopedia Of Public International Law  (Info)

Military Balance  (Info)

Modern Islamist Movements: History, Religion, And Politics  (Info)

Nations In Transit  (Info)

New Cambridge History Of American Foreign Relations  (Info)

New Encyclopedia Of Africa  (Info)

Nuclear Energy Encyclopedia: Science, Technology, And Applications  (Info)

Nuclear Weapons And Nonproliferation; A Reference Handbook  (Info)

Online Encyclopedia Of Mass Violence  (Info)

Overseas Research: A Practical Guide  (Info)

Oxford Companion To Comparative Politics  (Info)

Oxford Encyclopedia Of American Military And Diplomatic History  (Info)

Oxford Encyclopedia Of The Modern World  (Info)

Oxford Handbook Of Civil Society  (Info)

Oxford Islamic Studies Online  (Info)

PARLINE; Database Of National Parliaments  (Info)

PRS Group International Country Risk Guide  (Info)

Pakistan: A Global Studies Handbook  (Info)

Pew Global Attitudes Project  (Info)

Political Handbook Of The World  (Info)

Political Parties Of The World  (Info)

Political And Economic Dictionary Of Latin America  (Info)

Praeger Security International Online (PSI)  (Info)

Princeton Encyclopedia Of The World Economy  (Info)

Resort To War: A Data Guide To Inter-State, Extra-State, Intra-State, And Non-State Wars, 1816-2007  (Info)

Revolutionary Movements In World History  (Info)

Routledge Companion To Central And Eastern Europe Since 1919  (Info)

Routledge Handbook Of Ethnic Conflict  (Info)

Routledge Handbook Of Global Environmental Politics  (Info)

Routledge Handbook Of Japanese Culture And Society  (Info)

Routledge Handbook Of Japanese Politics  (Info)

Routledge Handbook Of Political Islam  (Info)

Routledge Handbook Of Terrorism Research  (Info)

Routledge History Of International Organizations  (Info)

Sage Encyclopedia Of Terrorism  (Info)

Sage Handbook Of Comparative Politics  (Info)

Sage Handbook Of European Studies  (Info)

Separatist Movements: A Global Reference  (Info)

Social Movements In Global Politics  (Info)

Strategic Survey  (Info)

Terrorism: Essential Primary Sources  (Info)

Think Tanks, Public Policy Groups, And Advocacy Groups  (Info)

U.S. Presidents And Foreign Policy From 1789 To The Present  (Info)

Voting And Elections The World Over  (Info)

Weapons Of Mass Destruction  (Info)

Weapons Of Mass Destruction (Global Issues)  (Info)

Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia Of Social And Political Movements  (Info)

Women And Politics Around The World: A Comparative History And Survey  (Info)

World Constitutions Illustrated  (Info)

Constitution Finder  (Info)

Diplomatic And Embassy Sites  (Info)

Election Resources On The Internet  (Info)

EurasiaNet.org  (Info)

Federalism Library  (Info)

Forced Migration Online  (Info)

Foreign And International Legal And Constitutional Sites  (Info)

ForeignPolicy.com  (Info)

Global Corruption Report  (Info)

Global Database Of Quotas For Women  (Info)

Global Legal Monitor  (Info)

Global Security Newswire  (Info)

International Crisis Group  (Info)

International Institute For Democracy And Electoral Assistance (International IDEA)  (Info)

Islam: A Guide To U.S. Experts And Organizations  (Info)

Islamic Studies  (Info)

Journals Ranked By Impact: International Relations  (Info)

Latin American Weekly Report  (Info)

Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)  (Info)

New For Politics  (Info)

Official Foreign And International Government Sites  (Info)

Political Database Of The Americas  (Info)

WMD Insights  (Info)

Electionworld.org  (Info)

Eurostat  (Info)

Foreign And International Statistical Sites  (Info)

GenderStats  (Info)

Inter-University Consortium For Political And Social Research (ICPSR)  (Info)

Program On International Policy Attitudes  (Info)

Quality Of Life, Balance Of Power And Nuclear Weapons, 2012  (Info)

SIPRI Databases  (Info)

Terrorism Resources  (Info)