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Politics -- Elections And Voting

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Encyclopedia Of U.S. Campaigns, Elections, And Electoral Behavior
This 2008 two-volume set contains over 450 signed entries in such topic areas as presidential, state, and local elections, ballot issues, polls and public opinion, the mass media, and much more....

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Election Administration By The Numbers:An Analysis Of Available Datasets And How To Use Them   (Info)

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Encyclopedia Of U.S. Campaigns, Elections, And Electoral Behavior  (Info)

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Voting And Elections The World Over  (Info)

Voting In America  (Info)

Voting In America; A Reference Handbook  (Info)

Women And Political Participation; A Reference Handbook  (Info)

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Commission On Presidential Debates  (Info)

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Larry J. Sabato's Crystal Ball  (Info)

Living Room Candidate  (Info)

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Comparative Study Of Electoral Systems  (Info)

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