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Politics -- American Politics

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U.S. Political News Coverage And Analysis
This is a collection of online sources which provide expert and mostly non-partisan coverage and analysis of political news in the U.S. Most specialize in contemporary coverage, while a few are desig...

Alsos Digital Library Of Nuclear Issues  (Info)

America: History And Life  (Info)

Annual Review Of Political Science  (Info)

Congressional Research Service  (Info)

Google Search -- Think Tanks And Public Policy Groups  (Info)

P.A.I.S. (Public Affairs Information Service) International  (Info)

ProQuest Congressional -- Political News  (Info)

Sociological Abstracts  (Info)

U.S. Government Watchdog Agencies  (Info)

21st Century Political Science: A Reference Handbook  (Info)

Affirmative Action  (Info)

Almanac Of American Politics  (Info)

American Political Leaders, 1789-2009  (Info)

American Presidents Ranked By Performance, 1789-2012   (Info)

American Voter Revisited  (Info)

Black Americans In Congress, 1870-2007  (Info)

Book Of The States  (Info)

CQ Guide To The Presidency And The Executive Branch  (Info)

CQ Researcher  (Info)

Cambridge Companion To Tocqueville  (Info)

Cambridge History Of American Foreign Relations   (Info)

Careers In International Affairs  (Info)

Church-State Issues In America Today  (Info)

Companion To American Immigration  (Info)

Companion To James Madison And James Monroe  (Info)

Concise Oxford Dictionary Of Politics  (Info)

Congress And The Nation  (Info)

Constitution Of The United States Of America -- Analysis And Interpretation  (Info)

Directory Of Congressional Voting Scores And Interest Group Ratings  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Constitutional Amendments, Proposed Amendments, And Amending Issues, 1789-2010  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Political Communication  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Political Science  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Science, Technology, And Ethics  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of U.S. Campaigns, Elections, And Electoral Behavior  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of U.S. Political History  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Urban Studies  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of The American Constitution  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of The American Presidency  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of The First Amendment  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of The Supreme Court Of The United States  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of The U.S. Government And The Environment: History, Policy, And Politics  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of The United States Cabinet: 1789-2010  (Info)

Founders Online  (Info)

Founders' Constitution  (Info)

From Suffrage To The Senate: America's Political Women  (Info)

Gender And Women's Leadership: A Reference Handbook   (Info)

Glossary Of U. S. Politics And Government  (Info)

Guide To Congress  (Info)

Guide To Interest Groups And Lobbying In The United States  (Info)

Guide To Political Campaigns In America  (Info)

Guide To State Politics And Policy  (Info)

Guide To U.S. Elections  (Info)

Guide To U.S. Foreign Policy: A Diplomatic History  (Info)

Guide To The U.S. Supreme Court  (Info)

Historic Documents  (Info)

Immigration: A Documentary And Reference Guide  (Info)

International Encyclopedia Of Communication  (Info)

Internship Resources At W&L  (Info)

Laws That Shaped America: Fifteen Acts Of Congress And Their Lasting Impact  (Info)

Legislative Tracking Web  (Info)

Local And Regional Government Information; How To Find It, How To Use It  (Info)

Major Acts Of Congress  (Info)

National Party Conventions, 1831-2008  (Info)

New Cambridge History Of American Foreign Relations  (Info)

Nuclear Weapons And Nonproliferation; A Reference Handbook  (Info)

Oxford Companion To American Politics  (Info)

Oxford Guide To The United States Government  (Info)

Oxford Handbook Of American Public Opinion And The Media  (Info)

Oxford Handbook Of The American Congress  (Info)

Political Corruption In America: An Encyclopedia Of Scandals, Power, And Greed  (Info)

Political Encyclopedia Of U.S. States And Regions  (Info)

Political And Civic Leadership: A Reference Handbook  (Info)

Politics In America  (Info)

Powers Of The Presidency  (Info)

Presidency, The Public, And The Parties  (Info)

Presidential Elections : 1789-2008  (Info)

Princeton Encyclopedia Of American Political History  (Info)

Psychology Of Prejudice And Discrimination: Racism In America  (Info)

Public Opinion And Polling Around The World  (Info)

Statistical Handbook On The Social Safety Net  (Info)

Supreme Court Yearbook  (Info)

Think Tanks, Public Policy Groups, And Advocacy Groups  (Info)

U.S. Constitution A To Z  (Info)

U.S. Health Policy And Politics: A Documentary History  (Info)

U.S. Presidents And Foreign Policy From 1789 To The Present  (Info)

Voting In America  (Info)

Voting In America; A Reference Handbook  (Info)

Washington Information Directory  (Info)

Women And Political Participation; A Reference Handbook  (Info)

Women In American Politics: History And Milestones  (Info)

Women In Congress, 1917-2006  (Info)

American Political Science Association  (Info)

American Presidency Project  (Info)

American President: An Online Reference Resource  (Info)

American Voice 2004  (Info)

CQ Weekly  (Info)

Campaign Finance Tools  (Info)

Commission On Presidential Debates  (Info)

Democracy In America: Alexis De Tocqueville  (Info)

Election 2004 Research Guide  (Info)

Election Collection 2000  (Info)

Electoral Process Research Guide  (Info)

History Of Televised Presidential Debates  (Info)

Iowa Electronic Markets  (Info)

Larry J. Sabato's Crystal Ball  (Info)

Living Room Candidate  (Info)

Mock Convention 2012 Research Guide  (Info)

National Journal  (Info)

National Journal Hotline  (Info)

New For Politics  (Info)

Pew Forum On Religion And Public Life  (Info)

Pew Hispanic Center  (Info)

Political Resources On-line  (Info)

Politics Periodicals In Leyburn Library  (Info)

Presidency Course Research Guide  (Info)

Presidential Inaugurations  (Info)

Presidential Rankings  (Info)

Presidential Speeches  (Info)

Status Of Women In The States  (Info)

TRAC Immigration  (Info)

U. S. Election Web Archives  (Info)

U.S. Congress -- Sites And Publications  (Info)

U.S. Political News Coverage And Analysis  (Info)

U.S. Presidential Documents  (Info)

WhiteHouseTapes.org  (Info)

America Votes: Election Returns By State  (Info)

American National Election Studies  (Info)

Election Results  (Info)

Historical Statistics Of The United States -- Elections  (Info)

Inter-University Consortium For Political And Social Research (ICPSR)  (Info)

New Nation Votes -- American Election Returns, 1789-1825  (Info)

OpenSecrets.org  (Info)

Policy Agendas Project   (Info)

Public Opinion Surveys  (Info)

Racial And Ethnic Diversity; Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, And Whites  (Info)

Statistical Abstract Of The United States  (Info)

Subsidyscope  (Info)

U.S. Electoral And Political Data  (Info)

Vital Statistics On American Politics  (Info)

Vital Statistics On The Presidency  (Info)