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Journalism Issues And Research
Specialized sources for reliable research material....

America's Historical Newspapers  (Info)

America: History And Life  (Info)

American Periodicals Series  (Info)

Communication And Mass Media Complete  (Info)

Journalism Professional Sites -- Google Search  (Info)

PsycINFO  (Info)

Sociological Abstracts  (Info)

100 Media Moments That Changed America  (Info)

21st Century Communication: A Reference Handbook  (Info)

AP Images  (Info)

Advocacy Journalists: A Biographical Dictionary Of Writers And Editors  (Info)

Annual Survey Of Journalism & Mass Communication Graduates  (Info)

Associated Press Stylebook  (Info)

Bloomberg Way : A Guide For Reporters And Editors  (Info)

Briefing On Media Law  (Info)

Business Journalism Guides  (Info)

CQ Researcher  (Info)

Civil War Journalism  (Info)

Companion To New Media Dynamics  (Info)

Complete Biographical Encyclopedia Of Pulitzer Prize Winners, 1917 - 2000   (Info)

Comprehensive Guide On How To Read A Financial Report  (Info)

Country Profiles  (Info)

Crisis Communication: Practical PR Strategies For Reputation Management And Company Survival  (Info)

Dictionary Of Media And Communication   (Info)

Encyclopedia Of American Journalism  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Associations  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Children, Adolescents, And The Media  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Communication Theory  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Gender In Media  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of International Media And Communications  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Journalism  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Political Communication  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Public Relations  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Religion, Communication, And Media   (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Science And Technology Communication  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Social Measurement  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Social Movement Media  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Social Networks  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Social Theory  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of War Journalism  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of The First Amendment  (Info)

Farrar Collection Of Historical Newspapers  (Info)

Future Of Quality News Journalism: A Cross-continental Analysis  (Info)

Global Mobile Media  (Info)

Great Trials In History -- Reference Sources  (Info)

Handbook Of Cultural Economics  (Info)

Handbook Of Children, Media And Development  (Info)

Handbook Of Communication History  (Info)

Handbook Of Communication And Corporate Social Responsibility  (Info)

Handbook Of Comparative Communication Research  (Info)

Handbook Of Crisis Communication  (Info)

Handbook Of Gender, Sex And Media  (Info)

Handbook Of Global Communication And Media Ethics  (Info)

Handbook Of Global Media Research  (Info)

Handbook Of Global Media And Communication Policy  (Info)

Handbook Of Global Online Journalism  (Info)

Handbook Of Media Audiences  (Info)

Handbook Of Political Economy Of Communications  (Info)

Handbook Of Public Communication Of Science And Technology  (Info)

Handbook Of Spanish Language Media  (Info)

Historical Dictionary Of African-American Television  (Info)

Human Rights And Press Freedoms   (Info)

Illusive Shadows: Justice, Media, And Socially Significant American Trials  (Info)

International Encyclopedia Of Communication  (Info)

International Encyclopedia Of Media Studies  (Info)

International Encyclopedia Of The Social Sciences  (Info)

International Encyclopedia Of The Social And Behavioral Sciences  (Info)

International Libel And Privacy Handbook: A Global Reference For Journalists, Publishers, Webmasters, And Lawyers  (Info)

Internship Resources At W&L  (Info)

Journalist's Guide To The Federal Courts  (Info)

Leadership Media  (Info)

Literature Of War  (Info)

Martians Have Landed! A History Of Media-Driven Panics And Hoaxes  (Info)

Media Handbook; A Complete Guide To Advertising Media Selection, Planning, Research, And Buying  (Info)

Media Scandals  (Info)

Media And American Courts  (Info)

Media In Italy  (Info)

Media In Latin America  (Info)

Modern Scandals: 1904-2008  (Info)

Muckrakers And The Progressive Era  (Info)

New Encyclopedia Of Southern Culture: Media  (Info)

New Oxford Dictionary For Scientific Writers And Editors  (Info)

News And Numbers: A Writer's Guide To Statistics  (Info)

Newspaper Media (SRDS)  (Info)

Out Of Print: Journalism And The Business Of News In The Digital Age  (Info)

Oxford Companion To The Book  (Info)

Oxford Handbook Of American Public Opinion And The Media  (Info)

Palgrave International Handbook Of Women And Journalism  (Info)

Plunkett's Entertainment And Media Industry Almanac  (Info)

Plunkett's Games, Apps And Social Media Industry Almanac, 2013  (Info)

Pulitzer Prize Archive: Local Reporting,1947-1987  (Info)

Pulitzer Prize Archive: National Reporting, 1941-1986  (Info)

Religion Stylebook  (Info)

Routledge International Handbook Of Children, Adolescents, And Media  (Info)

Sage Handbook Of Interview Research  (Info)

Sage Handbook Of Political Communication  (Info)

Schirmer Encyclopedia Of Film  (Info)

Second Read : Writers Look Back At Classic Works Of Reportage  (Info)

Socialnomics: How Social Media Transforms The Way We Live And Do Business  (Info)

State Of The News Media  (Info)

Status Of Women In The U.S. Media  (Info)

TV & Cable Media (SRDS)  (Info)

Television Studies: The Key Concepts  (Info)

Violence In The Media; A Reference Handbook  (Info)

World Press Encyclopedia  (Info)

Alert Searches  (Info)

Journalism Issues And Research  (Info)

Journalism Jobs And Internships  (Info)

Journalism Professional Associations  (Info)

Journalism And Mass Communications Periodicals In Leyburn Library  (Info)

Journals Ranked By Impact: Communication  (Info)

Mass Media Listed Geographically  (Info)

New For Journalism And Mass Communications  (Info)

Newspapers, Historical  (Info)

Poverty News And Journalism Sites  (Info)

Bloomberg Terminal  (Info)

Public Opinion Surveys  (Info)

Statistical Abstract Of The United States  (Info)