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America: History And Life
AMERICA: HISTORY AND LIFE is the most comprehensive database to literature on North American history. It contains citations, with abstracts and some full-text access, of articles from about 1,800 scho...

Accessible Archives  (Info)

Alsos Digital Library Of Nuclear Issues  (Info)

America's Historical Newspapers  (Info)

America: History And Life  (Info)

Harper's Weekly: The Civil War Era And Reconstruction (1857-1877)  (Info)

International Medieval Bibliography  (Info)

JSTOR  (Info)

New York Times, Historical  (Info)

P.A.I.S. (Public Affairs Information Service) International  (Info)

Primary Sources -- U.S. History  (Info)

ProQuest Congressional -- Serial Set  (Info)

Washington Post, Historical  (Info)

ABC-Clio Ebook Collection  (Info)

ACLS Humanities E-Book Project  (Info)

ARTstor  (Info)

African Biographical Dictionary  (Info)

America's Founding Charters: Primary Documents Of Colonial And Revolutionary Era Governance (Volume 1)  (Info)

American Constitution -- A Documentary Record  (Info)

American Folk Songs: A Regional Encyclopedia  (Info)

American History Through Literature, 1820-1870  (Info)

American History Through Literature, 1870-1920  (Info)

American History: A Very Short Introduction  (Info)

American National Biography  (Info)

American Political Leaders, 1789-2009  (Info)

American Social History Online  (Info)

American Women During World War II: An Encyclopedia  (Info)

Ancestry Library Edition  (Info)

Annotated U.S. Constitution And Declaration Of Independence  (Info)

Anti-Semitism; A Historical Encyclopedia Of Prejudice And Persecution  (Info)

Archaeology In America: An Encyclopedia  (Info)

Biographical Directory Of The U.S. Congress  (Info)

Black America : A State-by-State Historical Encyclopedia  (Info)

Black Americans In Congress, 1870-2007  (Info)

Cambridge Companion To Tocqueville  (Info)

Cambridge Companion To The African American Slave Narrative  (Info)

Cambridge Economic History Of The United States  (Info)

Cambridge Histories Online  (Info)

Cambridge History Of American Foreign Relations   (Info)

Cambridge History Of Religions In America  (Info)

Cambridge World History Of Slavery   (Info)

Civil War: People And Perspectives  (Info)

Columbia Guide To American Indians Of The Great Plains  (Info)

Columbia Guide To American Indians Of The Northeast  (Info)

Columbia Guide To American Indians Of The Southeast  (Info)

Companion To American Immigration  (Info)

Companion To American Indian History  (Info)

Companion To Cultural Memory Studies: An International And Interdisciplinary Handbook   (Info)

Companion To George Washington  (Info)

Companion To Harry S. Truman  (Info)

Companion To James Madison And James Monroe  (Info)

Companion To World War II  (Info)

Companion To The Literatures Of Colonial America  (Info)

Congress And The Nation  (Info)

Crimes And Trials Of The Century  (Info)

Dictionary Of American History  (Info)

Dictionary Of Women Worldwide: 25,000 Women Through The Ages  (Info)

Dictionary Of World History  (Info)

Documents Of United States Indian Policy  (Info)

Early Americas Digital Archive  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of African-American Culture And History  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of American Disability History  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of American Foreign Policy  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of American Indian History  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of American Indian Removal  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of American Urban History  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Black Studies  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Clothing And Fashion  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Diasporas  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Economic And Business History  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Genocide And Crimes Against Humanity  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of North American Indians  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Recreation And Leisure In America  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Religion In America  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Sports In America  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Terrorism  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of U.S. Political History  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Western Colonialism Since 1450  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of White-Collar And Corporate Crime  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Women And Religion In North America  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of World History  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of World War II  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of The American Constitution  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of The American Presidency  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of The American Revolution  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of The Great Depression  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of The Great Plains Indians  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of The New American Nation  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of The U.S. Census  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of The United States Cabinet: 1789-2010  (Info)

Famous American Crimes And Trials  (Info)

First Encounters: Native Voices On The Coming Of The Europeans  (Info)

Founders Online  (Info)

From Suffrage To The Senate: America's Political Women  (Info)

Gender Issues And Sexuality: Essential Primary Sources  (Info)

Governors Database  (Info)

Greenwood Encyclopedia Of Clothing Through World History  (Info)

Greenwood Encyclopedia Of Homes Through American History  (Info)

Guide To Congress  (Info)

Guide To U.S. Elections  (Info)

Guide To U.S. Foreign Policy: A Diplomatic History  (Info)

Guide To The U.S. Supreme Court  (Info)

Historic Documents  (Info)

Historical Dictionary Of Native American Movements  (Info)

Historical Dictionary Of The Old South  (Info)

History Highway: A 21st Century Guide To Internet Resources  (Info)

History Of World Trade Since 1450  (Info)

Hotchkiss Map Collection  (Info)

Iberia And The Americas: Culture, Politics, And History  (Info)

Immigration And Asylum: From 1900 To The Present  (Info)

Immigration: A Documentary And Reference Guide  (Info)

In The First Person  (Info)

Jamestown Colony -- A Political, Social, And Cultural History  (Info)

Landmarks Of The American Revolution  (Info)

Latinas In The United States: A Historical Encyclopedia  (Info)

Laws That Shaped America: Fifteen Acts Of Congress And Their Lasting Impact  (Info)

Modern Scandals: 1904-2008  (Info)

Muckrakers And The Progressive Era  (Info)

New Dictionary Of The History Of Ideas  (Info)

New Encyclopedia Of Africa  (Info)

Oxford African American Studies Center  (Info)

Oxford Companion To American Military History  (Info)

Oxford Companion To The Book  (Info)

Oxford Encyclopedia Of American Military And Diplomatic History  (Info)

Oxford Encyclopedia Of American Social History  (Info)

Oxford Encyclopedia Of Food And Drink In America  (Info)

Oxford Encyclopedia Of Women In World History  (Info)

Oxford Encyclopedia Of The Modern World  (Info)

Pan-Africa History: Political Figures From Africa And The Diaspora Since 1787  (Info)

People's Chronology  (Info)

Political Corruption In America: An Encyclopedia Of Scandals, Power, And Greed  (Info)

Political Lincoln: An Encyclopedia  (Info)

Presidential Elections : 1789-2008  (Info)

Princeton Encyclopedia Of American Political History  (Info)

Psychology Of Prejudice And Discrimination: Racism In America  (Info)

Puritans And Puritanism In Europe And America: A Comprensive Encyclopedia  (Info)

Racial And Ethnic Diversity In America  (Info)

Reference Sources In History; An Introductory Guide  (Info)

Revolutionary America, 1763-1815 : A Sourcebook  (Info)

Revolutionary Movements In World History  (Info)

Richmond Daily Dispatch -- Civil War Era  (Info)

Routledge Companion To Historical Studies  (Info)

Sage Encyclopedia Of Terrorism  (Info)

Salem Witch Trials: A Reference Guide  (Info)

Slavery In The United States  (Info)

Southern United States: An Environmental History  (Info)

Speakers Of The House Of Representatives, 1789-2009  (Info)

Timelines  (Info)

Treaties With American Indians  (Info)

U.S. Presidents And Foreign Policy From 1789 To The Present  (Info)

Wars Of The Americas; A Chronology Of Armed Conflict In The Western Hemisphere  (Info)

Who's Who Among African Americans  (Info)

Women In Early America  (Info)

Women In American Politics: History And Milestones  (Info)

Women In Congress, 1917-2006  (Info)

Women In The American Civil War  (Info)

Women's Roles In Eighteenth-Century America  (Info)

Adams Papers (Digital Edition)  (Info)

American Memory  (Info)

American Presidency Project  (Info)

American President: An Online Reference Resource  (Info)

Civil Rights Digital Library  (Info)

Discovering American Women's History Online  (Info)

Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO)  (Info)

Gutenberg-e  (Info)

History Of Televised Presidential Debates  (Info)

OAIster  (Info)

Papers Of George Washington (Digital Edition)  (Info)

Papers Of Thomas Jefferson (Digital Edition)  (Info)

Preservation Directory.com  (Info)

Presidential Rankings  (Info)

Presidential Speeches  (Info)

Datapedia Of The United States; American History In Numbers  (Info)

Historical Statistics Of The United States  (Info)

Historical Statistics Of The United States, Colonial Times To 1970  (Info)

International Historical Statistics  (Info)

New Nation Votes -- American Election Returns, 1789-1825  (Info)

Value Of A Dollar: Prices And Incomes In The United States, 1860-2009  (Info)

Vital Statistics On American Politics  (Info)

Vital Statistics On The Presidency  (Info)