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Historical Abstracts
HISTORICAL ABSTRACTS is the most comprehensive database to literature on history outside of North America. Comprised of about 700,000 citations of articles (from about 1,700 journals of history and so...

Alsos Digital Library Of Nuclear Issues  (Info)

American Bibliography Of Slavic And East European Studies (ABSEES)  (Info)

Feminae; Medieval Women And Gender Index  (Info)

Handbook Of Latin American Studies  (Info)

Historical Abstracts  (Info)

Index Islamicus  (Info)

Iter: Gateway To The Middle Ages And Renaissance  (Info)

JSTOR  (Info)

L'annee Philologique  (Info)

New York Times, Historical  (Info)

Washington Post, Historical  (Info)

ABC-Clio Ebook Collection  (Info)

ACLS Humanities E-Book Project  (Info)

ARTstor  (Info)

Africa And The Americas: Culture, Politics, And History  (Info)

African Studies Companion Online  (Info)

Ancient Europe, 8,000 BC To AD 1,000; Encyclopedia Of The Barbarian World  (Info)

Anti-Semitism; A Historical Encyclopedia Of Prejudice And Persecution  (Info)

Ashgate Research Companion To Modern Imperial Histories  (Info)

Biographical Encyclopedia Of The Modern Middle East And North Africa  (Info)

Brill's New Pauly -- Encyclopedia Of The Ancient World  (Info)

British Political Facts  (Info)

Cambridge Economic History Of Europe  (Info)

Cambridge Economic History Of Modern Europe  (Info)

Cambridge Histories Online  (Info)

Cambridge History Of Africa   (Info)

Cambridge History Of Ancient China  (Info)

Cambridge History Of China  (Info)

Cambridge History Of Japan  (Info)

Cambridge History Of Russia  (Info)

Cambridge World History Of Slavery   (Info)

Celtic Culture; A Historical Encyclopedia  (Info)

Chronologies Of The Ancient World - Names, Dates And Dynasties  (Info)

Cold War: The Essential Reference Guide  (Info)

Companion To American Foreign Relations  (Info)

Companion To Cultural Memory Studies: An International And Interdisciplinary Handbook   (Info)

Companion To Europe, 1900-1945  (Info)

Companion To Gender History  (Info)

Companion To Russian History  (Info)

Companion To World War II  (Info)

Companion To The History Of The Middle East  (Info)

Companion To The Roman Empire  (Info)

Country Profiles  (Info)

Dictionary Of Contemporary World History   (Info)

Dictionary Of Genocide  (Info)

Dictionary Of Irish Biography  (Info)

Dictionary Of Women Worldwide: 25,000 Women Through The Ages  (Info)

Dictionary Of World History  (Info)

Dictionary Of The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict  (Info)

Documentary History Of Communism In Russia : From Lenin To Gorbachev  (Info)

Eastern Europe: An Introduction To The People, Lands, And Culture  (Info)

Encyclopaedia Of Islam, Second Edition  (Info)

Encyclopaedia Of Islam, Third Edition  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Clothing And Fashion  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Diasporas  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Economic And Business History  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of European Migration And Minorities  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of European Social History  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Genocide And Crimes Against Humanity  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of India  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Irish History And Culture  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Islam And The Modern World  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Latin American History And Culture  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Modern Asia  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Modern China  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Modern Europe: Europe Since 1914  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Modern Europe: Europe, 1789-1914  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Russian History  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Terrorism  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Western Colonialism Since 1450  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Women And Islamic Cultures  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of World History  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of World War II  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of The Enlightenment  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of The French Revolutionary And Napoleonic Wars  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of The Modern Middle East And North Africa  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of The Palestinians  (Info)

Europe 1789-1914: Encyclopedia Of The Age Of Industry And Empire  (Info)

Europe, 1450-1789; Encyclopedia Of The Early Modern World  (Info)

Fifty Key Thinkers On History  (Info)

First Encounters: Native Voices On The Coming Of The Europeans  (Info)

Greenwood Encyclopedia Of Clothing Through World History  (Info)

Grove Encyclopedia Of Islamic Art And Architecture  (Info)

Handbook Of International Rivalries: 1494-2010  (Info)

Historic Documents  (Info)

Historical Atlas Of The Ancient World  (Info)

Historical Atlas Of The Islamic World  (Info)

Historical Dictionary Of Civil Wars In Africa  (Info)

Historical Dictionary Of International Organizations  (Info)

Historical Dictionary Of Iran  (Info)

Historical Dictionary Of Pakistan  (Info)

Historical Dictionary Of Spain  (Info)

Historical Dictionary Of The Arab-Israeli Conflict  (Info)

Historical Dictionary Of The Northern Ireland Conflict  (Info)

Historical Dictionary Of The People's Republic Of China  (Info)

Historical Dictionary Of The United Nations  (Info)

History Highway: A 21st Century Guide To Internet Resources  (Info)

History Of Japan  (Info)

History Of World Trade Since 1450  (Info)

Iberia And The Americas: Culture, Politics, And History  (Info)

Immigration And Asylum: From 1900 To The Present  (Info)

Imperial Russia: A Reference Handbook  (Info)

In The First Person  (Info)

Kings And Queens Of Britain  (Info)

Leningrad Blockade, 1941-1944 : A New Documentary History From The Soviet Archives  (Info)

Medieval Ireland: An Encyclopedia  (Info)

New Cambridge Modern History  (Info)

New Cambridge Modern History -- 19th Century  (Info)

New Dictionary Of The History Of Ideas  (Info)

Online Encyclopedia Of Mass Violence  (Info)

Oxford Companion To Black British History  (Info)

Oxford Companion To Irish History  (Info)

Oxford Companion To Scottish History  (Info)

Oxford Companion To World Exploration  (Info)

Oxford Companion To The Book  (Info)

Oxford Dictionary Of Byzantium  (Info)

Oxford Dictionary Of National Biography  (Info)

Oxford Dictionary Of The Classical World  (Info)

Oxford Dictionary Of The Renaissance  (Info)

Oxford Encyclopaedia Of The Reformation  (Info)

Oxford Encyclopedia Of Ancient Greece And Rome  (Info)

Oxford Encyclopedia Of Women In World History  (Info)

Oxford Encyclopedia Of The Modern World  (Info)

Oxford Islamic Studies Online  (Info)

Pakistan: A Global Studies Handbook  (Info)

Pan-Africa History: Political Figures From Africa And The Diaspora Since 1787  (Info)

Pan-Asianism: A Documentary History  (Info)

People's Chronology  (Info)

Praeger Security International Online (PSI)  (Info)

Reference Sources In History; An Introductory Guide  (Info)

Resort To War: A Data Guide To Inter-State, Extra-State, Intra-State, And Non-State Wars, 1816-2007  (Info)

Revolutionary Movements In World History  (Info)

Roman Pompeii: Space And Society  (Info)

Routledge Companion To Central And Eastern Europe Since 1919  (Info)

Routledge Companion To Historical Studies  (Info)

Routledge History Of International Organizations  (Info)

Sage Encyclopedia Of Terrorism  (Info)

Sage Handbook Of European Studies  (Info)

Scandals In History  (Info)

Spain And Portugal: A Reference Guide From The Renaissance To The Present  (Info)

Wars Of The Americas; A Chronology Of Armed Conflict In The Western Hemisphere  (Info)

World Fascism: A Historical Encyclopedia  (Info)

Cetedoc Library Of Christian Latin Texts  (Info)

Early English Books Online (EEBO)  (Info)

EuroDocs: Online Sources For European History  (Info)

Gutenberg-e  (Info)

Islamic Studies  (Info)

International Historical Statistics  (Info)

Terrorism Resources  (Info)