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New From The U.S. Government

U.S. Government Publication Series And Databases
Arranged by subject area, these listings contain some of the most useful publications and collections available from the Federal Government....

U.S. Government Departments, Agencies, And Programs
These are some of the most commonly-used sites. More complete listings are here....

Catalog Of U.S. Government Publications (CGP)  (Info)

Congressional Record  (Info)

Congressional Research Service  (Info)

Congressional Serial Set  (Info)

Federal Digital System (FDS)  (Info)

Government Search Engines  (Info)

Hein Online -- U.S. Congressional Documents  (Info)

National Technical Information Service (NTIS) Database  (Info)

P.A.I.S. (Public Affairs Information Service) International  (Info)

ProQuest Congressional  (Info)

ProQuest Congressional -- Hearings  (Info)

ProQuest Congressional -- Serial Set  (Info)

ProQuest Legislative Insight  (Info)

U.S. Government Watchdog Agencies  (Info)

USA.gov Search  (Info)

Almanac Of The Unelected: Staff Of The U.S. Congress  (Info)

Ancestry Library Edition  (Info)

Biographical Directory Of The U.S. Congress  (Info)

Black Americans In Congress, 1870-2007  (Info)

CQ Guide To The Presidency And The Executive Branch  (Info)

Congress Investigates: A Critical And Documentary History  (Info)

Congressional District Maps -- 112th Congress  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Governmental Advisory Organizations  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of The Supreme Court Of The United States  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of The U.S. Census  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of The United States Cabinet: 1789-2010  (Info)

Federal Regulatory Directory  (Info)

Federal Staff Directory  (Info)

Glossary Of U. S. Politics And Government  (Info)

GovSpeak: A Guide To Government Acronyms And Abbreviations  (Info)

Guide To Congress  (Info)

Guide To The U.S. Federal Legal System; Web-based Public Accessible Sources  (Info)

Guide To The U.S. Supreme Court  (Info)

Hein Online  (Info)

Historic Documents  (Info)

How Your Government Really Works: A Topical Encyclopedia Of The Federal Government  (Info)

Journalist's Guide To The Federal Courts  (Info)

Leadership Congress  (Info)

Legislative Source Book  (Info)

Oxford Guide To United States Supreme Court Decisions  (Info)

Oxford Guide To The United States Government  (Info)

Oxford Handbook Of The American Congress  (Info)

Supreme Court Compendium:Data, Decisions, And Developments  (Info)

Supreme Court Yearbook  (Info)

U.S. Government Internet Directory  (Info)

U.S. Government Manual  (Info)

U.S. Supreme Court : A Very Short Introduction  (Info)

Unified Agenda  (Info)

Washington Information Directory  (Info)

Women In Congress, 1917-2006  (Info)

Congress And The Legislative Process  (Info)

Congress.gov  (Info)

Congressional Committee Hearings  (Info)

New From The U.S. Government  (Info)

Serial Set  (Info)

Statutes At Large  (Info)

TRAC Immigration  (Info)

Tax Forms  (Info)

U.S. Bureau Of American Ethnology Annual Reports  (Info)

U.S. Congress -- Sites And Publications  (Info)

U.S. Government Departments, Agencies, And Programs  (Info)

U.S. Government Publication Series And Databases  (Info)

U.S. Presidential Documents  (Info)

YouTube -- U.S. Congress  (Info)

Budget Of The United States Government  (Info)

Census Atlas Of The United States  (Info)

Census Of The United States  (Info)

County And City Data Book  (Info)

Economic Report Of The President  (Info)

Green Book  (Info)

ProQuest Statistical Insight  (Info)

Statistical Abstract Of The United States  (Info)

Subsidyscope  (Info)

U.S. Congress Votes Database  (Info)

U.S. Federal Government Statistical Sources  (Info)

Vital Statistics On Congress  (Info)