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Government -- Foreign And International

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For additional assistance, contact the subject librarian for Government -- Foreign And International, Dick Grefe.

Official Foreign And International Government Sites
Links to official government and NGO/IGO sites....

Foreign And International Statistical Sites
Links to official governmental statistical sites....

Diplomacy Monitor  (Info)

Google Search -- International Governmental Organizations  (Info)

P.A.I.S. (Public Affairs Information Service) International  (Info)

Blackwell Companion To Contemporary Islamic Thought  (Info)

Changing Government Relations In Europe  (Info)

Chiefs Of State And Cabinet Members Of Foreign Governments  (Info)

Competitive Authoritarianism; Hybrid Regimes After The Cold War  (Info)

Concise Encyclopedia Of The United Nations  (Info)

Country Profiles  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Law Enforcement  (Info)

Governments Of The World; A Global Guide To Citizens' Rights And Responsibilities  (Info)

Handbook Of International Law  (Info)

Handbook Of National Legislatures: A Global Survey  (Info)

Historical Dictionary Of International Organizations  (Info)

Military Balance  (Info)

Political Parties Of The World  (Info)

Routledge History Of International Organizations  (Info)

Voting And Elections The World Over  (Info)

World Constitutions Illustrated  (Info)

Diplomatic And Embassy Sites  (Info)

Elections And Electoral Systems Around The World  (Info)

Europe And The European Union  (Info)

Federalism Library  (Info)

Foreign And International Legal And Constitutional Sites  (Info)

Global Database Of Quotas For Women  (Info)

Official Foreign And International Government Sites  (Info)

United Kingdom  (Info)

United Nations  (Info)

Eurostat  (Info)

Foreign And International Statistical Sites  (Info)