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Film Studies

International Index To Film Periodicals  (Info)

Movie Reviews And Other Articles On Films  (Info)

A To Z Of French Cinema  (Info)

Bigger Than Blockbusters: Movies That Defined America  (Info)

Cinema Studies: The Key Concepts  (Info)

Cinemas Of The World: Film And Society From 1895 To The Present  (Info)

College Film & Media Studies: A Reference Guide  (Info)

Companion To Chinese Cinema  (Info)

Companion To Early Cinema  (Info)

Companion To Eastern European Cinemas  (Info)

Companion To Film Comedy  (Info)

Companion To German Cinema  (Info)

Companion To Latin American Film  (Info)

Companion To Spanish Cinema  (Info)

Companion To The Historical Film  (Info)

Concise Routledge Encyclopedia Of The Documentary Film  (Info)

Cult Cinema: An Introduction  (Info)

Dictionary Of Film Studies  (Info)

Directory Of World Cinema: Australia And New Zealand  (Info)

Directory Of World Cinema: Britain  (Info)

Directory Of World Cinema: East Europe  (Info)

Directory Of World Cinema: Germany  (Info)

Directory Of World Cinema: Iran  (Info)

Directory Of World Cinema: Japan  (Info)

Directory Of World Cinema: Spain  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Early Cinema  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Stanley Kubrick  (Info)

Fifty Contemporary Film Directors  (Info)

Fifty Key American Films  (Info)

Film Analysis Web Site  (Info)

Film Genre Reader IV  (Info)

Film Studies : An Introduction  (Info)

Film Studies: The Basics  (Info)

Historical Dictionary Of American Cinema  (Info)

Historical Dictionary Of Chinese Cinema  (Info)

Historical Dictionary Of Holocaust Cinema  (Info)

Historical Dictionary Of Spanish Cinema  (Info)

International Dictionary Of Films And Filmmakers  (Info)

Introduction To Criticism: Literature - Film - Culture  (Info)

Latino American Cinema : An Encyclopedia Of Movies, Stars, Concepts, And Trends  (Info)

New Korean Cinema: Breaking The Waves  (Info)

Noteworthy Francophone Women Directors: A Sequel   (Info)

Routledge Companion To Film History  (Info)

Routledge Companion To Philosophy And Film  (Info)

Schirmer Encyclopedia Of Film  (Info)

Wiley-Blackwell History Of American Film  (Info)

World Directors And Their Films: Essays On African, Asian, Latin American, And Middle Eastern Cinema   (Info)