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ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center)  (Info)

ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) Via ProQuest  (Info)

Education Research Complete  (Info)

PsycINFO  (Info)

Psychology And Behavioral Sciences Collection  (Info)

Social Services Abstracts  (Info)

Sociological Abstracts  (Info)

21st Century Education: A Reference Handbook  (Info)

Assessing Student Learning: A Common Sense Guide  (Info)

Charter School Movement: History, Politics, Policies, Economics & Effectiveness  (Info)

College Students In The United States : Characteristics, Experiences, And Outcomes  (Info)

Complete Guide To Special Education  (Info)

Comprehensive Guide To Special Education Law  (Info)

Contemporary Debates In Childhood Education And Development  (Info)

Dictionary Of Education  (Info)

Disability Through The Life Course  (Info)

Diversity In Academe  (Info)

EdSpeak : A Glossary Of Education Terms, Phrases, Buzzwords, And Jargon  (Info)

Education Around The World : A Comparative Introduction  (Info)

Educator's Reference Desk  (Info)

Elementary Education; A Reference Handbook  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of African American Education  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of American Disability History  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Curriculum Studies  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Diversity In Education   (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Education  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Education Law  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Educational Psychology  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Giftedness, Creativity, And Talent  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of Infant And Early Childhood Development   (Info)

Encyclopedia Of The Life Course And Human Development  (Info)

Encyclopedia Of The Social And Cultural Foundations Of Education  (Info)

Gender And Education: An Encyclopedia  (Info)

Going To School In Latin America  (Info)

Green Education: An A-to-Z Guide  (Info)

Handbook Of Applied Behavior Analysis  (Info)

Handbook Of Early Childhood Education  (Info)

Handbook Of Educational Psychology  (Info)

Handbook Of Giftedness In Children  (Info)

Handbook Of Learning Disabilities  (Info)

Handbook Of Research On Student Engagement  (Info)

Handbook Of Special Education  (Info)

Handbook Of The Economics Of Education   (Info)

Handbook On Measurement, Assessment, And Evaluation In Higher Education  (Info)

Historically Black Colleges And Universities : An Encyclopedia  (Info)

History Of Special Education  (Info)

International Guide To Student Achievement  (Info)

International Handbook On Giftedness  (Info)

Law Of Higher Education  (Info)

Lenses On Reading: An Introduction To Theories And Models  (Info)

Nonprofit Law For Colleges And Universities  (Info)

Palgrave Handbook Of Childhood Studies  (Info)

Praxis II Guides  (Info)

Psychology Of Classroom Learning: An Encyclopedia  (Info)

Requirements For Certification Of Teachers, Counselors, Librarians, Administrators For Elementary And Secondary Schools  (Info)

Routledge Companion To Education  (Info)

Routledge International Handbook Of Learning  (Info)

Routledge International Handbook Of Religious Education  (Info)

Sage Handbook Of Developmental Disorders  (Info)

Sage Handbook Of Educational Leadership  (Info)

Sage Handbook Of Social Cognition  (Info)

Sage Reference Series On Disability: Education  (Info)

Sage Reference Series On Disability: Ethics, Law, And Policy  (Info)

Special Education: A Reference Book For Policy And Curriculum Development  (Info)

Wiley-Blackwell Handbook Of Childhood Cognitive Development  (Info)

Wiley-Blackwell Handbook Of Childhood Social Development  (Info)

Working Americans, 1880-2012: Educators And Education  (Info)

Chronicle Of Higher Education  (Info)

Journals Ranked By Impact: Education And Educational Research  (Info)

New For Education At W&L  (Info)

Online Resources For Classroom Teachers  (Info)

Almanac Of Higher Education  (Info)

Comparative Guide To American Elementary And Secondary Schools  (Info)

Education At A Glance; OECD Indicators  (Info)

SREB Fact Book  (Info)

U.S. Federal Government Publications -- Education  (Info)