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Staff Directory and departments


ABDONEY, Mary   Science Librarian 8647 Telford
BARRY, Jeff   Associate University Librarian 8641 M38
BLAIR, Carol    Library Assistant, Acquisitions 8652 110
BRITTIGAN, MaryLyn (Cricket)   Library Assistant, Cataloging 8660 110
BROOKS, Mackenzie   Metadata Librarian 8659 110A
BUCY, Brandon ITS Senior Academic Technologist 8651 M34
CAMDEN, Tom   Head of Special Collections & Archives 8649 Sp. Coll.
COOK, Emily   Circulation and Scanning Services Assistant 8643 M19
COBOURN, Alston   Digital Scholarship Librarian 8657 110C
DUFF, Karen    Circulation Assistant 8643 M14
FLOYD, Flash ITS Classroom Technology Manager 8098 M46
GOETZ, Todd  ITS Classroom Technology Specialist 8226 M46
GRANDBERRY, Montrose   Administrative Assistant 8642 M43
GREFE, Dick   Senior Reference Librarian 8648 M32
GUALTIERI, Melissa    Library Assistant, Access Services 8643 M14
HEWETT, Laura    Access Services Supervisor 8658 M16
KARSCH, Carol   Data & Statistical Support Specialist 8980 M35
KNUDSON, Julie ITS Director of Acadmic Technologies 8125 M36
McCORMICK-GOODHART, Seth   Special Collections Assistant 8663 Sp. Coll.
McCOWN, Lisa   Senior Special Collections Assistant 8663 Sp. Coll.
MERRILL, Yolanda   Humanities and Reference Librarian 8662 M37
MICKEL, Jason   Directior of Library Technology 8653 M33
MORTON, Cindy   Manager of Digital Services 8109 110
MURRAY, Tony   Library Assistant, Serials 8646 110
RHODES, Judi  ITS Information Desk Supervisor 4357 M17A
RICHARDS, Wendy    Electronic Resources Coordinator 8665 110
SHIRES, Alicia ITS Classroom Technology Specialist 5851 M46
SOMERVILLE BROWN, Gabriella ITS Technology Integration Specialist 8124 110
SWARTZ, Wanda    Senior Library Assistant 8654 Telford
TEAFF,  Elizabeth    Access Services Librarian 8645 M16
TOMBARGE, John    University Librarian 8134 M44
WHITE, John ITS Help Desk & Shared Services Manager 8844 M18