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Corsini Encyclopedia Of Psychology

The electronic version of the 4th edition of the print encyclopedia. Coverage includes biological psychology, neuroscience, DSM diagnoses, psychopharmacological treatments, tests, scales, assessments, societies, organizations, and much more.
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Encyclopedia Of Applied Psychology

Published as a three-volume set (2004), this encyclopedia "encompasses applications of psychological knowledge and procedures in all areas of psychology... Topics included are, but are not limited to, aging, assessment, clinical, cognitive, community, counseling, educational, environmental, family, industrial / organizational, health, school, sports, and transportation psychology."
You may view a copy of the table of contents here.
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Encyclopedia Of Behavior Modification And Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Three-volume set (2005) contains hundreds of entries on "the components of behavior modification, behavior therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, and applied behavior analysis for both child and adult populations in a variety of settings." You can view the list of entries here.
Purchase was made possible by the the Victor Roger Bond '56 Library Endowment Fund.
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Encyclopedia Of Biodiversity

Second edition (2013) covers such themes as "the evolution of biodiversity, systems for classifying and defining biodiversity, ecological patterns and theories of biodiversity, and an assessment of contemporary patterns and trends in biodiversity." You can preview the table of contents.
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Encyclopedia Of Biological Chemistry

More than 500 different entries on all aspects of biochemistry and beyond, including molecular biology, cell biology, genetics and biophysics. This electronic encyclopedia is the equivalent of the 3000 page print version.

Made possible by the Telford Foundation.
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Encyclopedia Of Epidemiology

2007 volume contains about 600 alphabetically-arranged entries covering "every major facet of epidemiology, from risk ratios to case-control studies to mediating and moderating variables, and much more."
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Encyclopedia Of Global Warming And Climate Change

Three-volume collection (2008) of "more than 750 articles that explore major topics related to global warming and climate changeóranging geographically from the North Pole to the South Pole, and thematically from social effects to scientific causes." You may preview the contents.
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Encyclopedia Of Infant And Early Childhood Development

Edited by Marshall Haith and Janette Benson, this three-volume set (2008) "provides a comprehensive entry point into all of the existing literature on child development from the fields of psychology, genetics, neuroscience, and sociology."
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Encyclopedia Of Infectious Diseases: Modern Methodologies

A comprehensive encyclopedia outlining various topics on infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, rabies, swine influenza, SARS, and many other infectious diseases found in plants, humans and other animals. A declaration in the introduction that we are currently in the "dark age of infectious diseases" sets the tone for the rest of the encyclopedia, which also offers insight into research and new technologies to treat and prevent epidemics.
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Encyclopedia Of Microbiology

Electronic version of the 3rd edition, edited by Moselio Schaechter. Subjects include applied microbiology, environmental microbiology, ecology, evolution, genetics/genomics, viruses, fungi, bacteria, physiology, history, public issues, and biographies.
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Encyclopedia Of Multicultural Psychology

2006 resource "includes entries on a broad array of issues and covers the breadth of psychology viewed through the lens of the racial and ethnic minority experience." A list of entries arranged by categories is here.
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Encyclopedia Of Neuroscience

Ten-volume set (2009) contains nearly 1,500 authoritative signed articles "on a wide variety of topics in neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry and other related areas of neuroscience." Subject areas include: the autonomic nervous system; communication, language and speech; disease and dysfunction; nervous system development; neural basis of behavior; structural organization of the brain; and much more.
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Gale Encyclopedia Of Mental Health

Two-volume set (3rd edition, 2012) contains about 500 signed entries on disorders, diagnostic procedures and techniques, treatments, and more, including entries on all 150 of the disorders classified in DSM-IV-TR. You may view a copy of the table of contents. We also have access to the 2007 edition.
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Geo-Data; The World Geographical Encyclopedia

Detailed articles on the physical geography on 192 countries of the world, plus a number of islands and dependencies. Each article includes the following components: basic geography and geology; mountains and hills; inland waterways; cartoast and islands; climate and vegetation; human population; natural resources; further readings.
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Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia

This 16-volume second edition (2002) is the first complete revision in 30 years of the premiere encyclopedia on animals of the world.
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