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Reference Resources: Internet Search Engines -- Specialized

American Social History Online

"Provides access to distributed digital library collections pertaining to 19th- and 20th-century U.S. social history. The 175 collections represent such institutions as the Library of Congress, Harvard University, and the California Digital Library and contain 514,708 photographs and cultural materials, books and pamphlets, journal articles, maps, short music videos, data sets, political cartoons and posters, and oral histories."
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Google Search -- Think Tanks And Public Policy Groups

This is a Google-based search engine for accessing the contents of the 170+ sites listed here.
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Government Search Engines

Links to search engines which specialize in finding U.S. government information on the Web.
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Listing over 21,000 "academic" Web resources, this is not a tool for finding "everything" on the Web. InfoMine lists only high-quality resources which are "academic" in nature -- intended for college- or university-level research. Citations include descriptive summaries and links.
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Internet Archive -- Wayback Machine

Specialized in storing and accessing "old" Web pages, with some coverage extending back to 1995. Includes over 30 billion pages.
As of January 2011, you also can use a new interface, which is still in the Beta test stage.
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Internet Scout Project Archives

Searchable and browseable database to over nine years' worth of the Scout Report and subject-specific Scout Reports. It contains about 17,000 critical annotations of carefully selected Internet sites and mailing lists.
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Journalism Professional Sites -- Google Search

This Google-based search engine enables you to search through the contents of about 200 important free online resources created by practitioners and scholars of journalism and related fields, usually intended to reach an audience of journalists, students, and scholars.
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MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource For Learning And Online Teaching)

Links to selected "peer reviewed online learning materials," managed by a consortium of higher education institutions. Each entry is described and rated.
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OAIster (Open Archives Initiative) "harvests" collections of digital resources from nearly 300 academic and research-related institutions, now totaling over 23 million items.
It focuses on materials (reports, studies, other documents) created at respected academic and research institutions.
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Oberlin Group Search Engine

The Oberlin Group is a group of U.S. private colleges, associated mostly for the benefit of their libraries.
This Google-based search engine is designed to search institutional Web pages at each of these colleges.
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A Google-based search service which taps into the contents of about 250 freely-accessible online repositories which are "of academic value."
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Index, with annotations, to "electronic versions of reports created by or with foundation resources." Mostly arts-related materials.
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A specialized search engine that searches the web and catalogs academic articles as well as commercially produced articles and reports that address any branch of business. The search engine crawls websites of universities, commercial organizations, research institutes and government departments to retrieve academic articles, working papers, white papers, consulting reports, magazine articles, and published statistics and facts.
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Specialized search engine which focuses on over 450 million science-related Web pages. Also searches for publicly-accessible science journal article citations and PDF documents that Google misses, including documents from institutional repositories. Focuses only on Web pages containing scientific content.
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Wikimedia Commons

Contains about 5 million "public domain and freely-licensed educational media" (image, sound, and video) files.
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"Global science gateway" allowing one-stop searching of 15 national and international science databases and portals, maintained by government agencies and national libraries of Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and the United States.
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