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Reference Resources: Electronic Reference Book Collections

ABC-Clio Ebook Collection

This collection contains dozens of e-books published by ABC-Clio, Greenwood, and a few other publishers.
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CQ Press Electronic Library

Congressional Quarterly is one of the most important publishers of information on modern U.S. government and politics. This resource enables you to search through more than 20 important CQ databases (CQ Weekly, etc.) to which W&L subscribes.
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Cambridge Companions Online

From the printed Cambridge Companions series, this ever-growing database currently contains over 2,000 essays offering "introductions to major writers, artists, philosophers, topics and periods." It includes the contents of over 290 volumes in the Cambridge Companions series in Literature, Classics, Philosophy, Religion, and Culture. The library also holds many of these titles in printed form.
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Cambridge Histories Online

Contains the complete texts of over 250 volumes published since the 1960's in this prestigious series of authoritative works on major historical topics. Several series are still active and new volumes will be added to the database as published, as will any new series when they begin.
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Ebrary provides electronic book formats of titles from a large number of academic publishers. W&L researchers have access to dozens of reference titles.
The link above takes you to a subject arrangement of these books. (No title-by-title listing is available.)
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Gale Virtual Reference Library

Comprised of the content in hundreds of reference sources (over 1.1 million items, mostly encyclopedia articles) published through the Gale Virtual Reference Library available at W&L. You can see the list of available titles by clicking on the "Title List" option, next the upper-right corner of the page.
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Literature Resource Center

Large database containing extensive biographical and critical information on writers, movements, and works from virtually all time periods.
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Oxford African American Studies Center

Contains over 7,500 articles from Oxford University Press publications, some of which are not yet available in printed form, as well as primary source materials, maps, images, and more. In some cases, the entire contents of a publication might be included, such as the brand-new Encyclopedia of African American History, 1619 to 1895 and the forthcoming African American National Biography and Encyclopedia of African American Art and Architecture. For more information, see this page and this one, too.
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Oxford Islamic Studies Online

Multifaceted, ever-growing database contains "over 3,000 A-Z reference entries, chapters from scholarly and introductory works, Qur'anic materials, primary sources, images, and timelines." Includes Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World, the Oxford History of Islam, translations of the Quar'an, and other significant works.
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Oxford Reference Online

Compilation of over 200 reference books (encyclopedias, dictionaries, more),containing millions of entries, published by Oxford University Press. You can search an entire category ("History") or one book at a time.
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Praeger Security International Online (PSI)

Database of "information on terrorism and security, covering regional security, humanitarian and peace operations, weapons of mass destruction, armed forces, intelligence, military history, defense and national security, and military affairs." Growing content includes commentary from Oxford Analytica and other sources, over 600 encyclopedias and other books, primary source documents, more.
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Safari Books Online

SafariŽ Tech Books Online provides reference sources from many of the leading technology publishers, including: Adobe, Microsoft, O'Reilly, QUE, Sams, and more. Featuring over 9,800 titles, it covers the technologies most essential to users including certification, enterprise computing, graphics, Java, Web development, Windows, XML, Linus/Unix, and more.
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Sage Reference Online

This interface allows you to search the contents of 35+ online encyclopedias published by Sage in the social sciences, education, business and economics, and other fields.
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ScienceDirect -- Reference Works

This is a collection of online encyclopedias published by Elsevier/Academic Press to which Washington and Lee subscribes. The collection includes titles in the natural, physical, and social sciences.
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