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SAA (Society For American Archaeology) Style  (Info)

SIAM Journals Online  (Info)

SIPRI Databases  (Info)

SMEALSearch  (Info)

SREB Fact Book  (Info)

STAT-USA  (Info)

Safari Books Online  (Info)

Sage Encyclopedia Of Terrorism  (Info)

Sage Handbook Of Comparative Politics  (Info)

Sage Handbook Of Criminological Theory  (Info)

Sage Handbook Of Cultural Analysis  (Info)

Sage Handbook Of Developmental Disorders  (Info)

Sage Handbook Of Educational Leadership  (Info)

Sage Handbook Of Environmental Change  (Info)

Sage Handbook Of European Studies  (Info)

Sage Handbook Of Gender And Psychology  (Info)

Sage Handbook Of Health Care Ethics: Core And Emerging Issues  (Info)

Sage Handbook Of Housing Studies  (Info)

Sage Handbook Of Interview Research  (Info)

Sage Handbook Of Islamic Studies  (Info)

Sage Handbook Of Political Communication  (Info)

Sage Handbook Of Prejudice, Stereotyping And Discrimination  (Info)

Sage Handbook Of Punishment And Society  (Info)

Sage Handbook Of Race And Ethnic Studies  (Info)

Sage Handbook Of Social Anthropology   (Info)

Sage Handbook Of Social Cognition  (Info)

Sage Reference Online  (Info)

Sage Reference Series On Disability: Education  (Info)

Sage Reference Series On Disability: Ethics, Law, And Policy  (Info)

Salem Witch Trials: A Reference Guide  (Info)

Scandals In History  (Info)

Schirmer Encyclopedia Of Film  (Info)

SciFinder Scholar  (Info)

Science Databases  (Info)

Science Fiction Handbook  (Info)

Science Magazine  (Info)

Science Reference Sources  (Info)

Science.gov  (Info)

ScienceDirect  (Info)

ScienceDirect -- Reference Works  (Info)

Scirus  (Info)

Scitation  (Info)

Scitopia.org  (Info)

Scopus  (Info)

Scopus Citation Tracker  (Info)

Scribner Encyclopedia Of American Lives  (Info)

SearchMil.com  (Info)

Searching Patents  (Info)

Second Read : Writers Look Back At Classic Works Of Reportage  (Info)

Secondary Data Analysis  (Info)

Selected Business Websites  (Info)

Selected Writings Of James Madison  (Info)

Senses: A Comprehensive Reference   (Info)

Separatist Movements: A Global Reference  (Info)

Serial Set  (Info)

Sexual Deviation And Sexual Offenses  (Info)

Sexual Function And Sexual Dysfunction  (Info)

Sexuality Today: Trends And Controversies  (Info)

Shamanism; An Encyclopedia Of World Beliefs, Practices, And Culture  (Info)

Short Cuts: A Guide To Oaths, Ring Tones, Ransom Notes, Famous Last Words, And Other Forms Of Minimalist Communication  (Info)

Short Introduction To Climate Change  (Info)

Simmons OneView   (Info)

Simpson's Contemporary Quotations  (Info)

SingingFish  (Info)

Slavery In The United States  (Info)

Social Change In America: The Historical Handbook, 2006  (Info)

Social History Of Crime And Punishment In America: An Encyclopedia  (Info)

Social Media And The Law: A Guidebook For Communication Students And Professionals  (Info)

Social Movements In Global Politics  (Info)

Social Networks And Archival Context (SNAC)  (Info)

Social Science Information Gateway (SOSIG)  (Info)

Social Sciences In Sport  (Info)

Social Services Abstracts  (Info)

Social Trends In American Life  (Info)

Socialnomics: How Social Media Transforms The Way We Live And Do Business  (Info)

Society For American Archaeology  (Info)

Society For Historical Archaeology  (Info)

Sociological Abstracts  (Info)

Sociology  (Info)

Sociology And Anthropology Periodicals In Leyburn Library  (Info)

South Asia Terrorism Portal  (Info)

Southeast Archeological Center  (Info)

Southeast Asia -- A Historical Encyclopedia  (Info)

Southern United States: An Environmental History  (Info)

Spain And Portugal: A Reference Guide From The Renaissance To The Present  (Info)

Speakers Of The House Of Representatives, 1789-2009  (Info)

Special Education: A Reference Book For Policy And Curriculum Development  (Info)

Species 2000  (Info)

Sports Medicine  (Info)

Sports In American Life: A History   (Info)

Springer Journals  (Info)

St. James Encyclopedia Of Labor History Worldwide; Major Events In Labor History And Their Impact  (Info)

Stanford Encyclopedia Of Philosophy  (Info)

StatPlanet  (Info)

State Blue Books  (Info)

State Data Resources  (Info)

State Laws (Browse By Topic)  (Info)

State Maps  (Info)

State Rankings  (Info)

State Statistical Abstracts  (Info)

State Trends (2nd Ed.)  (Info)

State Trends (3rd Ed.)  (Info)

State Trends, 2008  (Info)

State And Metropolitan Area Data Book, 2006  (Info)

State Of The News Media  (Info)

State Of The States  (Info)

State Of The World Reports  (Info)

StateMaster.com  (Info)

States Perform  (Info)

Statesman's Yearbook  (Info)

Statistical Abstract Of The U.S. -- Elections  (Info)

Statistical Abstract Of The United States  (Info)

Statistical Agencies (International)  (Info)

Statistical Handbook On The Social Safety Net  (Info)

Statistical History Of The American Electorate  (Info)

Statistical Resources On The Web  (Info)

Statistical Sources -- Poverty Studies  (Info)

Statistics Terminology  (Info)

Statistics Translated : A Step-by-Step Guide To Analyzing And Interpreting Data  (Info)

Statistics For Archaeologists  (Info)

Statistics Of Income - Tax Stats  (Info)

Status Of Women In The States  (Info)

Status Of Women In The U.S. Media  (Info)

Statutes At Large  (Info)

Steps To The Supreme Court: A Guided Tour Of The American Legal System  (Info)

Stock Research Sites On The Web  (Info)

Stone Center Guide To The Web  (Info)

Strategic Survey  (Info)

Struggle For Female Suffrage In Europe  (Info)

Student Universe -- Planet W&L  (Info)

Students.gov  (Info)

StudyAbroad.com  (Info)

Subsidyscope  (Info)

Sunday Times Digital Archive  (Info)

SuperPages.com  (Info)

Supreme Court Compendium:Data, Decisions, And Developments  (Info)

Supreme Court Yearbook  (Info)

Survey Of Consumer Finances  (Info)

Survey Of Current Business  (Info)

Survey Of Income And Program Participation - SIPP  (Info)

Switchboard  (Info)

Symbolism : A Comprehensive Dictionary  (Info)

Symbols.com  (Info)