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P.A.I.S. (Public Affairs Information Service) International  (Info)

PARLINE; Database Of National Parliaments  (Info)

PBS Newshour  (Info)

PDRHealth  (Info)

PHI : CD ROM #5.3  (Info)

PLANTS National Database  (Info)


PROLA  (Info)

PRS Group International Country Risk Guide  (Info)

Pakistan: A Global Studies Handbook  (Info)

Palgrave Handbook Of Childhood Studies  (Info)

Palgrave International Handbook Of Women And Journalism  (Info)

Palgrave Macmillan Dictionary Of Political Thought  (Info)

Pan-Africa History: Political Figures From Africa And The Diaspora Since 1787  (Info)

Pan-Asianism: A Documentary History  (Info)

Panel Study Of Income Dynamics  (Info)

Papers Of George Washington (Digital Edition)  (Info)

Papers Of Thomas Jefferson (Digital Edition)  (Info)

Parallel History Project On Cooperative Security  (Info)

Parry & Grant Encyclopaedic Dictionary Of International Law  (Info)

Party And Procedure In The United States Congress  (Info)

Passport   (Info)

Passport To Success: The Essential Guide To Business Culture And Customs In America's Largest Trading Partners  (Info)

Patent Data - United States  (Info)

People's Chronology  (Info)

Peoples Of The Caribbean  (Info)

Periodic Table  (Info)

Periodical Historical Atlas Of Europe  (Info)

Periodicals Index Online (PIO) - This Database Was Discontinued March 31, 2010  (Info)

Perry-Castaneda Historical Maps  (Info)

Perry-Castaneda Map Collection  (Info)

Peterson's Guides  (Info)

Pew Center On Global Climate Change  (Info)

Pew Forum On Religion And Public Life  (Info)

Pew Global Attitudes Project  (Info)

Pew Hispanic Center  (Info)

Pew Research Center  (Info)

Pew Research Center For The People And The Press  (Info)

Pew Social And Demographic Trends  (Info)

Philosopher's Index  (Info)

Philosophy Of Medicine  (Info)

Photos On The Web: A Consumer’s Guide  (Info)

Pilgrimage: From The Ganges To Graceland: An Encyclopedia  (Info)

Plunkett's Entertainment And Media Industry Almanac  (Info)

Plunkett's Games, Apps And Social Media Industry Almanac, 2013  (Info)

Plunkett's Sports Industry Almanac 2013  (Info)

Pocket Fowler's Modern English Usage  (Info)

Pocket Oxford Latin Dictionary  (Info)

Policy Agendas Project   (Info)

Political Corruption In America: An Encyclopedia Of Scandals, Power, And Greed  (Info)

Political Database Of The Americas  (Info)

Political Encyclopedia Of U.S. States And Regions  (Info)

Political Handbook Of The World  (Info)

Political Lincoln: An Encyclopedia  (Info)

Political Parties Of The World  (Info)

Political Resources On-line  (Info)

Political Theory: An Encyclopedia Of Contemporary And Classic Terms  (Info)

Political And Civic Leadership: A Reference Handbook  (Info)

Political And Economic Dictionary Of Latin America  (Info)

Politico  (Info)

Politics -- American Politics  (Info)

Politics -- Congressional Research  (Info)

Politics -- Elections And Voting  (Info)

Politics -- General  (Info)

Politics -- Legal And Constitutional  (Info)

Politics Periodicals In Leyburn Library  (Info)

Politics In America  (Info)

Politics: The Basics  (Info)

Polling The Nations  (Info)

PollingReport.com  (Info)

Pollution A To Z  (Info)

Polymer Blends Handbook  (Info)

Post Reports  (Info)

Poverty News And Journalism Sites  (Info)

Poverty Source Guide  (Info)

Poverty Studies Research Guide  (Info)

Poverty And The Government In America: A Historical Encyclopedia  (Info)

Poverty In America: A Handbook  (Info)

Poverty In America: A Handbook  (Info)

Poverty In America: An Encyclopedia  (Info)

Poverty In The United States; An Encyclopedia Of History, Politics, And Policy  (Info)

Poverty Of Nations  (Info)

Powers Of The Presidency  (Info)

Praeger Handbook On Contemporary Issues In Native America, Volume 2  (Info)

Praeger Handbook On Contemporary Issues In Native America, Volume 1  (Info)

Praeger Security International Online (PSI)  (Info)

Praxis II Guides  (Info)

Preservation Directory.com  (Info)

Presidency Course Research Guide  (Info)

Presidency, The Public, And The Parties  (Info)

Presidential Elections : 1789-2008  (Info)

Presidential Inaugurations  (Info)

Presidential Rankings  (Info)

Presidential Speeches  (Info)

Press Freedoms Around The World  (Info)

PressDisplay [Unavailable]  (Info)

Primary Sources -- U.S. History  (Info)

Princeton Encyclopedia Of American Political History  (Info)

Princeton Encyclopedia Of Islamic Political Thought  (Info)

Princeton Encyclopedia Of The World Economy  (Info)

Princeton Review  (Info)

ProQuest Congressional  (Info)

ProQuest Congressional -- Congressional Research Service Reports  (Info)

ProQuest Congressional -- Hearings  (Info)

ProQuest Congressional -- Political News  (Info)

ProQuest Congressional -- Serial Set  (Info)

ProQuest Congressional -- Serial Set Maps  (Info)

ProQuest Dissertations And Theses  (Info)

ProQuest Legislative Insight  (Info)

ProQuest Statistical Insight  (Info)

Profiles Of Virginia  (Info)

Program On International Policy Attitudes  (Info)

Project Gutenberg  (Info)

Project Muse  (Info)

Project Vote Smart  (Info)

PsycArticles  (Info)

PsycINFO  (Info)

PsycTESTS  (Info)

Psychology  (Info)

Psychology And Behavioral Sciences Collection  (Info)

Psychology Of Classroom Learning: An Encyclopedia  (Info)

Psychology Of Prejudice And Discrimination: Bias Based On Gender And Sexual Orientation  (Info)

Psychology Of Prejudice And Discrimination: Disability, Religion, Physique, And Other Traits  (Info)

Psychology Of Prejudice And Discrimination: Ethnicity And Multiracial Identity  (Info)

Psychology Of Prejudice And Discrimination: Racism In America  (Info)

PubHub  (Info)

PubMed / MEDLINE  (Info)

Public Agenda  (Info)

Public Domain; How To Find And Use Copyright-free Writings, Music, Art And More  (Info)

Public Library Of Science  (Info)

Public Opinion Surveys  (Info)

Public Opinion And Polling Around The World  (Info)

Pulitzer Prize Archive: Local Reporting,1947-1987  (Info)

Pulitzer Prize Archive: National Reporting, 1941-1986  (Info)

Puritans And Puritanism In Europe And America: A Comprensive Encyclopedia  (Info)