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C-Span.org  (Info)

CCH IntelliConnect  (Info)

CEI-Internships  (Info)

CIA World Fact Book  (Info)

CNKI: China Knowledge Resource Integrated Database  (Info)

CNN.com  (Info)

CQ Guide To U. S. Elections  (Info)

CQ Guide To The Presidency And The Executive Branch  (Info)

CQ Politics  (Info)

CQ Press Electronic Library  (Info)

CQ Researcher  (Info)

CQ Weekly  (Info)

CQPress In Context  (Info)

Calculus On The Web  (Info)

Calyx  (Info)

Cambridge Companion To Adam Smith  (Info)

Cambridge Companion To Arabic Philosophy  (Info)

Cambridge Companion To Classical Islamic Theology  (Info)

Cambridge Companion To Crime Fiction  (Info)

Cambridge Companion To Feminism In Philosophy  (Info)

Cambridge Companion To Feminist Literary Theory  (Info)

Cambridge Companion To Feminist Theology  (Info)

Cambridge Companion To Modern Chinese Culture  (Info)

Cambridge Companion To Modern French Culture  (Info)

Cambridge Companion To Modern Japanese Culture  (Info)

Cambridge Companion To Modern Latin American Culture  (Info)

Cambridge Companion To Old English Literature  (Info)

Cambridge Companion To Tocqueville  (Info)

Cambridge Companion To The African American Slave Narrative  (Info)

Cambridge Companion To The Bible  (Info)

Cambridge Companion To The Latin American Novel  (Info)

Cambridge Companion To The Literature Of Paris   (Info)

Cambridge Companions Online  (Info)

Cambridge Dictionaries Online  (Info)

Cambridge Dictionary Of Christianity  (Info)

Cambridge Dictionary Of Psychology  (Info)

Cambridge Dictionary Of Statistics  (Info)

Cambridge Economic History Of Europe  (Info)

Cambridge Economic History Of Latin America  (Info)

Cambridge Economic History Of Modern Europe  (Info)

Cambridge Economic History Of The United States  (Info)

Cambridge Encyclopedia Of Darwin And Evolutionary Thought  (Info)

Cambridge Guide To English Usage  (Info)

Cambridge Handbook Of Personality Psychology  (Info)

Cambridge Histories -- Philosophy  (Info)

Cambridge Histories Online  (Info)

Cambridge History Of Africa   (Info)

Cambridge History Of African And Caribbean Literature  (Info)

Cambridge History Of American Foreign Relations   (Info)

Cambridge History Of American Foreign Relations, Volume 3: The Globalizing Of America, 19131945   (Info)

Cambridge History Of American Literature  (Info)

Cambridge History Of Ancient China  (Info)

Cambridge History Of China  (Info)

Cambridge History Of Christianity   (Info)

Cambridge History Of Classical Literature  (Info)

Cambridge History Of Early Christian Literature  (Info)

Cambridge History Of Early Modern English Literature  (Info)

Cambridge History Of Eighteenth-Century Political Thought  (Info)

Cambridge History Of English And American Literature  (Info)

Cambridge History Of Islam  (Info)

Cambridge History Of Japan  (Info)

Cambridge History Of Latin America  (Info)

Cambridge History Of Latin American Literature  (Info)

Cambridge History Of Nineteenth-century Political Thought  (Info)

Cambridge History Of Political Thought  (Info)

Cambridge History Of Religions In America  (Info)

Cambridge History Of Russia  (Info)

Cambridge History Of The Native Peoples Of America  (Info)

Cambridge History Of The Pacific Islanders  (Info)

Cambridge Journals Online  (Info)

Cambridge Scientific Abstracts Biological Sciences  (Info)

Cambridge Textbook Of Bioethics  (Info)

Cambridge World History Of Food  (Info)

Cambridge World History Of Medical Ethics  (Info)

Cambridge World History Of Slavery   (Info)

Campaign Finance Tools  (Info)

Campaign Rules: A 50-State Guide To Campaigns And Elections In America  (Info)

CampusTours.com  (Info)

Canadian Encyclopedia  (Info)

Careers In International Affairs  (Info)

Caspian Sea Encyclopedia  (Info)

Catalog Of U.S. Government Publications (CGP)  (Info)

Catholic Encyclopedia  (Info)

Celtic Culture; A Historical Encyclopedia  (Info)

Census Atlas Of The United States  (Info)

Census Of Governments  (Info)

Census Of The United States  (Info)

Central Asia: A Global Studies Handbook  (Info)

Cetedoc Library Of Christian Latin Texts  (Info)

Changing Government Relations In Europe  (Info)

Charter School Movement: History, Politics, Policies, Economics & Effectiveness  (Info)

ChemFinder.com  (Info)

ChemIDplus Advanced  (Info)

ChemWeb  (Info)

Chemical Abstracts  (Info)

Chemistry.org  (Info)

Chicago Manual Of Style Online  (Info)

Chiefs Of State And Cabinet Members Of Foreign Governments  (Info)

Child Trends  (Info)

Child: An Encyclopedic Companion  (Info)

Children's Folklore: A Handbook  (Info)

China Data Online  (Info)

China Population And Labor Yearbook  (Info)

China Society Yearbook  (Info)

China Vitae  (Info)

ChoiceReviews.online  (Info)

Christian Science Monitor  (Info)

Chronicle Of Higher Education  (Info)

Chronicling America -- Historic American Newspapers  (Info)

Chronicling America -- Newspaper Title Directory  (Info)

Chronologies Of The Ancient World - Names, Dates And Dynasties  (Info)

Church-State Issues In America Today  (Info)

Cinema Studies: The Key Concepts  (Info)

Cinemas Of The World: Film And Society From 1895 To The Present  (Info)

Cities Of The United States  (Info)

Civil Rights Digital Library  (Info)

Civil War Journalism  (Info)

Civil War In America From The Illustrated London News  (Info)

Civil War: People And Perspectives  (Info)

Clearinghouse Of Government Documents Digital Projects  (Info)

Clusty  (Info)

Clusty Gov+  (Info)

Code Of Virginia  (Info)

CogPrints Electronic Archive  (Info)

Cold War: The Essential Reference Guide  (Info)

Collections Of International Government Links  (Info)

College Blue Book  (Info)

College Board  (Info)

College Film & Media Studies: A Reference Guide  (Info)

College Navigator  (Info)

College Students In The United States : Characteristics, Experiences, And Outcomes  (Info)

College And University Rankings  (Info)

College: What It Was, Is, And Should Be  (Info)

Colleges And Universities  (Info)

Colonial Origins Of The American Constitution  (Info)

Colonial Origins Of The American Constitution: A Documentary History  (Info)

Columbia Anthology Of Chinese Folk And Popular Literature  (Info)

Columbia Guide To American Indians Of The Great Plains  (Info)

Columbia Guide To American Indians Of The Northeast  (Info)

Columbia Guide To American Indians Of The Southeast  (Info)

Columbia Guide To American Indians Of The Southwest  (Info)

Columbia Newsblaster  (Info)

Columbia World Of Quotations  (Info)

Commission On Presidential Debates  (Info)

Common Application  (Info)

Communication And Mass Media Complete  (Info)

Companion To American Foreign Relations  (Info)

Companion To American Immigration  (Info)

Companion To American Indian History  (Info)

Companion To Bioethics  (Info)

Companion To Biological Anthropology  (Info)

Companion To Chinese Archaeology  (Info)

Companion To Chinese Cinema  (Info)

Companion To Cognitive Anthropology  (Info)

Companion To Contemporary Political Philosophy  (Info)

Companion To Crime Fiction  (Info)

Companion To Cultural Memory Studies: An International And Interdisciplinary Handbook   (Info)

Companion To Early Cinema  (Info)

Companion To Eastern European Cinemas  (Info)

Companion To Europe, 1900-1945  (Info)

Companion To Film Comedy  (Info)

Companion To Gender History  (Info)

Companion To George Washington  (Info)

Companion To German Cinema  (Info)

Companion To Global Environmental History  (Info)

Companion To Harry S. Truman  (Info)

Companion To Herman Melville  (Info)

Companion To James Madison And James Monroe  (Info)

Companion To Japanese History  (Info)

Companion To Latin American Film  (Info)

Companion To Latin American Philosophy  (Info)

Companion To Linguistic Anthropology  (Info)

Companion To Medical Anthropology  (Info)

Companion To Medieval English Literature And Culture  (Info)

Companion To Muslim Cultures  (Info)

Companion To New Media Dynamics  (Info)

Companion To Organizational Anthropology  (Info)

Companion To Political Philosophy: Methods, Tools, Topics  (Info)

Companion To Psychological Anthropology  (Info)

Companion To Roman Love Elegy  (Info)

Companion To Russian History  (Info)

Companion To Satire  (Info)

Companion To Spanish Cinema  (Info)

Companion To Walt Whitman  (Info)

Companion To Women In The Ancient World  (Info)

Companion To World War II  (Info)

Companion To The Anthropology Of Europe  (Info)

Companion To The Historical Film  (Info)

Companion To The History Of The Middle East  (Info)

Companion To The Literatures Of Colonial America  (Info)

Companion To The Roman Empire  (Info)

Companion To The United States Constitution And Its Amendments  (Info)

Comparative Archaeologies  (Info)

Comparative Guide To American Elementary And Secondary Schools  (Info)

Comparative Guide To American Suburbs  (Info)

Comparative Study Of Electoral Systems  (Info)

Competitive Authoritarianism; Hybrid Regimes After The Cold War  (Info)

Complete Biographical Encyclopedia Of Pulitzer Prize Winners, 1917 - 2000   (Info)

Complete Guide To Referencing And Avoiding Plagiarism  (Info)

Complete Guide To Special Education  (Info)

Complete Works Of Charles Darwin  (Info)

Comprehensive Guide On How To Read A Financial Report  (Info)

Comprehensive Guide To Special Education Law  (Info)

Computers & Applied Sciences Complete  (Info)

Concise Dictionary Of World Place Names  (Info)

Concise Encyclopedia Of Statistics  (Info)

Concise Encyclopedia Of The United Nations  (Info)

Concise Medical Dictionary  (Info)

Concise Oxford Companion To African American Literature  (Info)

Concise Oxford Dictionary Of Archaeology  (Info)

Concise Oxford Dictionary Of Music  (Info)

Concise Oxford Dictionary Of Politics  (Info)

Concise Oxford Dictionary Of The Christian Church  (Info)

Concise Routledge Encyclopedia Of The Documentary Film  (Info)

Congress Investigates: A Critical And Documentary History  (Info)

Congress And The Legislative Process  (Info)

Congress And The Nation  (Info)

Congress.gov  (Info)

Congress.org  (Info)

CongressBlog  (Info)

Congressional Committee Hearings  (Info)

Congressional District Maps -- 112th Congress  (Info)

Congressional Record  (Info)

Congressional Research Service  (Info)

Congressional Research Service Reports  (Info)

Congressional Serial Set  (Info)

Constitution Finder  (Info)

Constitution Of The United States Of America -- Analysis And Interpretation  (Info)

Constitutions Of The World  (Info)

Consumer Health Complete  (Info)

Consumer Information  (Info)

Consumer Magazine Media (SRDS)  (Info)

Consumer World  (Info)

Consumer's Guide To Archaeological Science  (Info)

Contemplative Practices In Higher Education  (Info)

Contemplative Studies Sites  (Info)

Contemplative Studies In Higher Education  (Info)

Contemporary Authors  (Info)

Contemporary Debates In Childhood Education And Development  (Info)

Cornell Lab Of Ornithology Macaulay Library   (Info)

Corporate Governance Around The World  (Info)

Corpus Of Middle English Prose And Verse  (Info)

Corrections  (Info)

Corruption And Governance Resources  (Info)

Corsini Encyclopedia Of Psychology  (Info)

Costa Rica: A Global Studies Handbook  (Info)

Countries At The Crossroads  (Info)

Country Analysis Briefs  (Info)

Country Commercial Guides  (Info)

Country Lists Of Online Newspapers And Other Mass Media Sites  (Info)

Country Profiles  (Info)

Country Profiles (LC)  (Info)

Country Profiles (U.K.)  (Info)

Country Reports On Human Rights Practices  (Info)

Country Specific Information  (Info)

Country And Territory Guides  (Info)

Country-Based Search Engines  (Info)

County Business Patterns  (Info)

County And City Data Book  (Info)

Course Guides For The Sciences  (Info)

Court Web Sites  (Info)

Courts, Law, And Justice  (Info)

Creative Artist's Legal Guide  (Info)

Crime And Criminal Behavior  (Info)

Crime In Virginia  (Info)

Crimes And Trials Of The Century  (Info)

Crisis Communication: Practical PR Strategies For Reputation Management And Company Survival  (Info)

Crisis In Youth Mental Health Volume 1: Childhood Disorders  (Info)

Crisis In Youth Mental Health Volume 2: Disorders In Adolescence  (Info)

Crisis In Youth Mental Health Volume 3: Issues For Families, Schools And Communities  (Info)

Crisis In Youth Mental Health Volume 4: Early Intervention Programs And Policies  (Info)

Critical Companion To Dante  (Info)

Critical Companion To William Faulkner  (Info)

Critical Companion To The Bible  (Info)

Critical Perspectives On Afro-Latin American Literature  (Info)

Cross-Cultural Psychology: Research And Applications  (Info)

Cuba: A Global Studies Handbook  (Info)

Cult Cinema: An Introduction  (Info)

Cultural Encyclopedia Of The Body  (Info)

Culture And Customs Of Puerto Rico  (Info)

Currency Converter  (Info)

Current Issues In Health Economics  (Info)

Current Population Survey  (Info)

Current Printed Newspapers In Leyburn Library  (Info)

CyberCemetery  (Info)