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Producer: Associated Press / Ebsco
Description: This database is used primarily for finding photographs from the Associated Press, but other information formats (audio, text, etc.) are accessible via the "More Media" options, near the top of the screen. The photography archive includes over 6 million photographs from the U.S. and elsewhere, all available moments after they move on the AP's spot photo system.
Usage Tips: Important: There are copyright-related limits to your uses of these photos. See this detailed statement.

Two Search options are displayed at the top of each screen. Please note that each search option applies only to the collection currently displayed on the screen. So, for example, if you want to search through older photographs, you must select the "Historical Photos" collection.
The basic search option -- the box at the top of the page -- enables you to search for one or more terms or names, as well as to stipulate when an image was added to the database (not the date of an event).
The Advanced search option (upper right) allows you to stipulate when and where a photo was taken, as well as other categories of information.

To find entries containing two or more terms, simply enter the terms. For example, alabama selma finds entries containing both of those terms.
To find entries containing a multi-word phrase, enclose the search terms within quotation marks. For example, "selma alabama" finds only entries containing that multi-word phrase.
Librarian: Dick Grefe
Descriptors: Art and Architecture
Journalism and Mass Communications
Historic Texts
Primary Sources -- U.S. History