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Encyclopedia Of The Global Economy, Volume I

Connect to: Encyclopedia of the Global Economy, Volume I
Producer: Greenwood
Description: Two-volume set (2005) "examines the key people, institutions, current issues, and historical events that shaped the global economy." Volume I contains about 165 encyclopedic entries on such topics as "Regional Trade Agreements" and "Development Economics." Volume II consists of important historical documents and statistical data.
Usage Tips: Browsing   An alphabetical arrangement of the contents is displayed in the Table of Contents in the left-hand column; click on any letter to see the entries beginning with that letter.
The alphabetically-arranged Index (lower-left of screen), which covers both volumes, offers more precise browsing.
Searching   The "Quick Search" option, located near the top of the screen, allows you to search through the text of "This Title" (volume).
To find entries containing a multi-word phrase, place the words within quotation marks. Example: "poverty reduction"
To search for forms of a word, use an asterisk (*) to substitute for one or more letters. Example: financ* will find finance, finances, financial, etc.
To find entries containing two or more words, connect the words with AND. Example: poverty AND education*
Librarian: Dick Grefe
Descriptors: Politics -- Foreign and International
International Trade