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Farrar Collection Of Historical Newspapers

Connect to: Farrar Collection of Historical Newspapers
Producer: Washington and Lee University
Description: This work-in-progress is an index to a collection of about 1,500 historical newspaper issues donated to W&L by alumnus Fred Farrar. The issues in the collection cover "colonial, Early Republic and Victorian-era America," but also include some English and French materials.
If you have questions about this project, please contact Doug Cumming.
Users of this collection also may be interested in the library's microfilm holdings of early American newspapers from Virginia and other states.
Usage Tips: Choose the "The Collection" option (upper-left of page) to browse the chronological listings of indexed issues. The actual newspaper issues are available in Leyburn Library's Special Collections area.
Librarian: Dick Grefe
Descriptors: Journalism and Mass Communications
Newspapers -- Historical