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Digital Sanborn Maps, 1867-1970 -- Virginia

Connect to: Digital Sanborn Maps, 1867-1970 -- Virginia
Producer: ProQuest
Description: This collection based upon the fire insurance maps of more than 12,000 American towns and cities, created by the Sanborn Map Company, beginning in the 19th century. The original collection included over 1.2 million maps, most of which are available on microfilm in the Library of Congress. Leyburn Library's subscription to Digital Sanborn Maps provides online access to only the Virginia maps. (We also have microfilm of the Virginia maps.)
Usage Tips: Searching is a three-step process. You first select a state (Virginia is our only option), then a city (or other locality), and then a date (of an available map).

Viewing Maps Once one or more small maps are displayed, you can view any map in a larger format by placing the cursor on that small map and then clicking. You may then adjust the image of a larger map by using the "Click on map to:" options, allowing you to zoom in (get a closer look) or to re-center (focus on one area of the map), and then clicking on the map. You may move around on the map by clicking on the blue arrows at the edge of the display.

Printing Once you have displayed the image you want, you can print it by clicking on the "Print Current View" option at the top of the box, and then use your browser's print options.

A company called Environmental Data Resources, Inc. purchased the Sanborn Map Company and now maintains digital access to the complete Sanborn collection. You may contact them to purchase non-Virginia maps.
Librarian: Yolanda Merrill
Descriptors: Maps and Geography -- Historical