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Papers Of Thomas Jefferson (digital Edition)

Connect to: Papers of Thomas Jefferson (Digital Edition)
Producer: University of Virginia / Rotunda
Description: Brings together all thirty-six volumes published through 2009 into one searchable online resource. In addition, it includes the first four volumes of the Retirement Series sponsored by the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, which documents the time between Jefferson’s return to private life and his death in 1826.
The library also has printed copies of the original series and the retirement series.
Acquisition of this resource was made possible by the Friends of the Library.
Usage Tips: The initial screen should present a chronological list of volumes. You can click on any volume to view a list of entries (under "Contents"); a volume also may include introductory comments and/or an appendix.

You can Search the contents of the entire database by clicking on the Search option near the top of the screen.
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Librarian: Dick Grefe
Descriptors: History -- United States
Primary Sources -- U.S. History