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Bibliography Of Virginia

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Producer: Virginia State Library / Google
Description: Google Books scan of Earl Swem's famous 1917 listing of all Virginia state "official publications" from 1776 to 1916. Does not contain links to documents. The library also has a printed copy.
Usage Tips: You can use the blue arrows above the volume's text to move through the pages -- all 1,400+ of them.
Searching   You may search through the contents of the volume by using the "Search in this book" box, above the column on the right side of the display page. The search engine will find pages which contain your search terms.
To find pages containing a multi-word phrase, enclose the search terms within quotation marks. Example: "washington college"
To find pages containing two or more words, simply enter the words.
Results are listed in page order.

There also is a link to a PDF copy ("Download") in the right-side column on the opening screen, but the PDF searching option does not appear to work.
Librarian: Dick Grefe
Descriptors: Government -- Virginia
Primary Sources -- U.S. History