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Environmental Issues: Essential Primary Sources

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Producer: Gale / Gale Virtual Reference Library
Description: Published in 2006, this is a collection of about 175 primary source documents which focus on the environment, including speeches, legislation, articles, essays, memoirs, letters, interviews, novels, songs, etc., with accompanying information on context. You can view the table of contents here.
Usage Tips: You may find material in this ebook either by browsing in the table of contents or in the index, or by searching for a particular word.

Table of Contents   You may browse through the alphabetically-arranged table of contents by clicking on the eTable of Contents option, which is divided into 8 broad categories, beginning with "Roots of Environmental and Ecological Thought." You may open any of these sections by clicking on the appropriate plus-sign (+).
Index   You may browse through the alphabetically-arranged index by clicking on the eBook Index option, which opens a list of hundreds of references, each of which is clickable.

Searching   You may want to use the Quick Search/Find option to find obscure references or to find articles which contains one or more particular terms. Be sure to click on the "within this publication" box. To find entries containing various forms of a word, use an asterisk (*) for missing letters. Example: racis* finds racist or racism.

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Librarian: Dick Grefe
Descriptors: Environmental Studies
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