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America's Historical Newspapers

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Producer: American Antiquarian Society / Readex NewsBank
Description: Contains digital copies of articles from about 1,000 American newspapers from all the current 50 states and the District of Columbia printed between 1690 and 1900, with strongest coverage of the first half of the 19th century.
Our subscription includes Series 1 and 2 of the publisher's Early American Newspapers series, described here by the publisher. Not every issue of every newspaper is available, but the publisher continues to fill gaps in the database.
Purchase was made possible, in part, by the President's Initiative Fund.
Usage Tips: You may either browse the contents of individual newspapers in this database or search for particular words, phrases, or names in any of the newspapers.
Browsing   You can view the available issues of any of the newspapers by clicking on the "Newspaper Titles" tab near the center of the page. The subsequent list of newspapers can be re-sorted by title, publication date, city, or state by selecting the appropriate header. Click on any newspaper's title to view a chronological list of available issues, and then click on the desired date.
Searching   Note that you can search for one or more words in the full text of articles and/or their titles.
To search for articles containing two or more words, connect the search terms with AND. Example: students AND discipline
To search for articles containing a multi-word phrase, enclose the search terms within quotation marks. Example: "tea party"
To search for articles containing any forms of a word, use an asterisk (*) to substitute for one or more letters. Example: emigra* finds emigrant, emigrants, emigration, etc.   Note: The system will automatically search for singular and plural forms of nouns.
Limiting a Search   You can use the tabs in the center of the search page to limit your search by date (including "Presidential Era" or "Eras in American History"), by article type, by place of publication (state or town), or by specific newspaper(s).
Printing   You probably will get a clearer image if you click on the "Open image as PDF" icon before printing:
Librarian: Dick Grefe
Descriptors: History -- United States
Journalism and Mass Communications
Newspapers -- Historical