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Papers Of George Washington (digital Edition)

Connect to: Papers of George Washington (Digital Edition)
Producer: University of Virginia / Rotunda
Description: Electronic edition derived from the Papers project begun in 1969 by the University of Virginia and the Mount Vernon Ladies Association. As of 2012, the database includes all the available Papers.
Printed volumes are available in the library collection.
Acquisition of this resource was made possible by a generous gift from the Friends of the Library of Washington and Lee University.
Usage Tips: You may access the contents of this database either by browsing through entries or by searching for particular words or names within entries.

Browse   The opening page displays the "Contents" options through which you can browse, such as Diary and Autobiography.... Each section is sub-divided chronologically.
You also may click on the "Chronology" option to access entries from all publication series, arranged chronologically.
Important note: When moving between "Contents" and "Chronology," you may find it useful to re-set the browse options by clicking on "Washington" or "Papers of George Washington Digital Collection," to the right of "Contents" and "Chronology."

Search   Clicking on the "Search" option, near the top of the page, enables you to search for words or names within all database entries. The "Search" function allows, but does not require, you to stipulate the author and/or recipient of an item and/or its date. You also can choose to have the results of your search listed by date or by relevance.
Forms of Words   The search engine will automatically search for some alternate forms of words (fight will also find fights, fighting, and fought) as well as alternate spellings (choose will find chuse).
You also can use an asterisk (*) as a wild-card character to search for additional forms of words. Example: rebel* finds rebellion and rebellious, in addition to simpler forms.
Phrases   To search for a multi-word phrase, enclosed the words within quotation marks. Example: "liberty hall"
Combining Terms   To find entries containing two or more terms, simply type them. Example: "augusta county" indians
For further assistance with searching options, see the "Help" option, near the top of the page.
Librarian: Dick Grefe
Descriptors: History -- United States
Primary Sources -- U.S. History